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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 11:02am 21/03/13 | 3 Comments
It's funny when trilogies just can't be trilogies. Success obviously has a lot to do with continuing on with a three-part act that should have finished at the third, but every now and then you can work up enough juice (or is that emulsion?) out of a product's narrative to absolutely justify it.

With Gears of War: Judgment, the latter concept is a bit of a fence-sitter, but thankfully, as Nate "NachosJustice" Lawrence discovered in his in-depth review for us, it doesn't matter because the new multiplayer offerings here are more than worth your time and investment.

Read his full review to learn more.

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Posted 12:32pm 21/3/13
Just out of curiosity, what would it be worth if the multiplayer was disregarded? I'd probably only play it for the campaign/co-op
Posted 12:50pm 21/3/13
Hey Khel, if you want to play it by your lonesome... avoid. If you want to play it in co-op and don't mind jacking up the difficulty (and you also don't care about a well-told story), it's still a lot of fun. Campaign was about six hours on Normal, so I imagine it would be quite a bit longer on higher difficulties (because you'll die).
Posted 02:08pm 05/4/13
Thanks for the review.
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