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Post by Eorl @ 09:28pm 20/03/13 | 19 Comments
Thanks to the teams over at Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios, we have a large amount of keys to giveaway for the third beta weekend for upcoming MMO Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter.
Set in what is arguably one of the most popular Dungeons & Dragons campaign settings, The Forgotten Realms, players explore and defend the iconic city of Neverwinter, as it rises from the ashes of destruction. This action MMORPG takes players from the besieged walls of the city once known as The Jewel of The North, to subterranean passageways in search of forgotten secrets and lost treasure.

Epic stories, action combat, and classic roleplaying await those heroes courageous enough to enter the fantastic world of Faerûn.

Built by fans for fans, Cryptic Studios is taking care to remain faithful to the world so many role­players adore while bringing the city of
Neverwinter to life.
To grab yourself a beta key for the upcoming weeekend, simply head over to our giveaway page and you'll see the button to claim a unique key. Follow the instructions on the page to signup for the game and download the official client. The beta is scheduled to commence on Saturday, 23 March at 5:00 AM AEST.

For more on the game, swing by our game page which includes various trailers and screenshots.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:17am 21/3/13
Hell yea, this is awesome. Been watching this one for a while now, and am pretty keen to try it out. Thanks Ausgamers : )
Posted 11:16am 21/3/13
Thanks guys, appreciate it.
Posted 11:55am 21/3/13
Nice one.

I was in the last beta weekend, doing a write-up for AGN at the moment.

Skinny: its a lot of fun but needs work on character customisation / choices / depth.
Posted 04:39pm 21/3/13
Posted 04:44pm 21/3/13
I'm actually surprised the most about latency Hoggy. Considering it's quite action orientated like TERA I thought Australian pings wouldn't play nice but so far its been quite smooth.
Posted 04:47pm 21/3/13
I'm actually surprised the most about latency Hoggy. Considering it's quite action orientated like TERA I thought Australian pings wouldn't play nice but so far its been quite smooth.

Yeh gameplay has been really responsive and fun, to be honest I never stopped to think where it was hosted.
Posted 06:36pm 21/3/13
Thx for key, how big is the DL?
Posted 07:39pm 21/3/13
Just finished downloading it Trauma, pretty sure it is around 3GB
Posted 11:11pm 21/3/13
Yeah weighs in at around 2.8GB on download, around 3GB after patching.
Posted 11:49pm 21/3/13
Just been watching some tubes, looking pretty polished!
Posted 01:44pm 25/3/13
Id say far from polished, in fact id say ordinary.

Go play GW2, lots more polished, or go back to WoW and enjoy polished.
Love it or hate it, WoW is still the most polish MMO.

This is at best good for 2009.
Posted 02:03pm 25/3/13
For a beta its pretty sharp imo (though I haven't played the last weekend was kinda busy). Were there lots of server issues or anything, they specifically were trying to break stuff this time.

Neverwinter is more about connecting adventure authors (ie, DMs) with players than a traditional MMO in my opinion. The Foundry content I played in beta 2 worked really well and was pretty sharp. Its an interesting take on the genre.
Posted 03:02pm 25/3/13
Write-up finished? Link?
Posted 11:27pm 25/3/13
Yeah I would have to say your comparisons are pretty far off Keato. For a closed beta weekend, this was by far one of the more polished that I have played with a fair few chunk of content to enjoy. A friend and myself rolled Cleric/Trickster Rogue and are thoroughly enjoying the content on offer, with combat and questing being far better than most.

I would actually go as far as saying the PVE content is much, much more interesting then Guild Wars 2. The Foundry is a great addition to allowing customised content and being able to actually make my own dungeon is just awesome. I wasn't able to give PVP a shot though which kind of bummed me out but looking forward to the next few weekends and of course the final release. It definitely offers a far more interesting combat playstyle to other action MMOs like TERA and I never once felt like I was lagging which made it even better.

Definitely one to look out for.
Posted 09:17pm 25/3/13
Yeah, maybe I'm being harsh. Character models and animations were not that impressive. I didn't enjoy the Mage I played, stand and cast, counts move around. I did enjoy the player content, and the Mage mini teleports were ok. But the twinkle quests did not feel as involved as the heart system I like in GW2 (yes, personal preference).
I just was really excited and then seeing my character move and interact with things was a real let down. Issues with server lag, user interface was nothing new.
I dunno, improve the genre or gtfo IMO :/
Posted 09:32pm 25/3/13
I played up to about level 5 before the weekend got away on me. First off, what the f*** at no mouse cursor .. secondly, the beta ran pretty fine other than some rubber banding. Thirdly, what the f*** at no mouse cursor.
Posted 10:56pm 25/3/13
I missed the beta weekend :(
I'm quite excited to try it out. I cut my rpg teeth on NWN and would love to see it return to the big time regardless of whether it's good or not :P
If there is actually f*****g raids I will eat it up massively. (thanks GW2 ><)
Posted 11:02pm 25/3/13
with combat and questing being far better then most.

You are a publications/media dude right ?

than vs. then
Posted 11:28pm 25/3/13
You are a publications/media dude right ?

than vs. then

That should be my next tattoo.

Ticman the mouse cursor is "there" in that pressing alt will give you the cursor to use for interface shenanigans, otherwise the mouse is used as the camera control due to being an action-based MMO.
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