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Post by Dan @ 02:09pm 20/03/13 | 3 Comments
Digital Extreme's free-to-play co-operative shooter Warframe is now in open beta, and the latest update for the game has introduced another bundle of new content and features to welcome a new round of players.

Nvidia's official GeForce blog has also published a feature article on the game with comments from Warframe Producer Dave Kudirka, discussing the game's use of PhysX tech on elaborate and flashy particle effects:
For Dave, it’s not just about flashy effects and pushing technology; APEX allows him and his team to enhance the player’s feeling of being in control of a bad-ass space ninja. “I know that when I set a Grineer enemy on fire with APEX enabled, I can slash through the ash and embers and see the particles react to my sword - that’s the kind of stuff that helps you really feel the power you’re wielding in-game.” Unlike traditional effects, PhysX particles are real entities that characters, enemies, and other effects can interact with. Particles move as players run through effects, explosions send particles careering through the environment, and Turbulence effects wrap themselves around the eponymous Warframes as they cast powerful offensive and defensive abilities.
Watch the video below for a sparkly demo reel, and head over to if you feel like getting in on the microtransaction-supported action.

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Posted 04:21pm 20/3/13
its kind of a shame that they seem to have animated most of these effects like they are music visualizations instead of actually imitating embers... when the animations do fit, like the time dilation knock up attack, it looks pretty cool. Having played warframe, the visual busyness and chaos actually adds to the atmosphere of combat so its more than a token effect - as opposed to early physx implementation like adding clear plastic curtain/blinds to doorways at random.
Posted 06:52pm 20/3/13
yea its a amazing looking effect I just think this suffers the same issue as hawken using it on every single explosion or energy based attack detracts from it, more is less ?
Posted 08:59pm 21/3/13
yeah it's abit too much, i can't see the point.
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