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Post by Eorl @ 11:08am 20/03/13 | 23 Comments
While we count down the days until the official reveal of DICE’s upcoming next-generation FPS titled Battlefield 4 at this years GDC event, an anonymous source on the Chiphell forums (thanks WCCF Tech) has apparently leaked various details from the upcoming April issue of Edge magazine.

According to the rumoured leaks, the upcoming next-gen FPS title will be coming out on Novemeber 2013 and will be running on both current-gen and next-gen platforms plus PC. It will utilise the Frostbite 2.5 engine which includes an 80% power increase over the previous 2.0 engine. The new engine would also feature much more enhanced visuals with PC being the lead platform for the game. The leak also mentions that next-gen consoles will be running at 60FPS, however only at a visual level of 720p, not the previously rumoured 1080p. DICE will apparently utilise the next-gen capabilities and allow 64-player support on maps, with current-gen consoles sticking to 24-player support.

Among the rumoured details is also DirectX 11 support for PC, pushing the graphical fidelity higher then what we found in Battlefield 3. Dynamic weather has also been introduced according to the anonymous leaker, which will include weather effects such as rain, sandstorms, fog, haze and would be totally random. Each map will apparently gain different weather effects, and will change according to conditions. Destruction is apparently back, however this time using the previous Destruction 4.0 that was last seen in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with PC players benefiting from more realistic and dynamic destruction. Various environmental tweaks include water, terrain and NPCs/characters utilising tessellation effects thanks to the Frostbite 2.5 engine.

The leaks have also revealed that the game will be set in 2020, revolving around a modern day setting with China and USA as main factions. The single player is supposedly at 5-6 hours long, featuring 2 campaigns of the PLA factions and will also re-introduce the animation effects of the Bad Company series. Players can also expect a map similar to Caspian Border, set in Shanghai China with the Orient Pearl tower collapsing at the end of the map.

Various multiplayer details were also revealed, including a short list of some of the maps that will be featured in Battlefield 4:
  • Diaoyu Island
  • Tiananmen
  • Shanghai Bund
  • Xizhimen
  • Xizhimen Rush
  • New weapons include the famous Chinese J20, Y20 and Xianglong while two tanks have been confirmed - M1A2 TUSK and PLA Type 99 - each featuring their own set of customization options such as laser guidance and armor piercing rounds. The Commander system that many have long enjoyed from Battlefield 2 will apparently be making its way back into Battlefield 4, with "the commander providing fire, recharges and UAV detection support to their team."

    The leak also mentions various micro-transactions that will be featured in the new FPS title, however are apparently entirely option and not affect the game at all. The first DLC map pack has also been leaked, which will come out some time after the initial release:
  • Power station in Dalian
  • Daqing oil field
  • The great wall of China
  • Wake Island (Classic Battlefield Map)
  • While it is definitely sounding like a promising FPS, we will have to wait for the official word from DICE on whether these are legitimate leaks or not, which we can expect on March 26th at GDC so stay tuned for more.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 11:44am 20/3/13
    am i the only one squirting over this game?
    Posted 11:50am 20/3/13
    Haha game hasn't even been officially announced yet and dlc is already mentioned
    Posted 12:20pm 20/3/13
    I can't remember - what was better about bad company destruction?

    I got a fair few hours out of bf3 and I stopped playing before any DLC so fair play to DICE I'll give this a shot.
    Posted 12:23pm 20/3/13
    "PC as lead platform"

    You're not fooling me again, EA...
    Posted 12:25pm 20/3/13
    I can't remember - what was better about bad company destruction?

    You could pretty much destroy every building down to rubble from what I remember.
    Posted 12:32pm 20/3/13
    I'm still playing bf3..have yet to touch the single player campaign
    Posted 12:39pm 20/3/13
    " re-introduce the animation effects of the Bad Company series"

    What on earth is this?

    I don't know, I won't trust anything on this yet.

    Also micro transactions? Like what are we talking about here?

    80% power increase from BF3? Also what does that mean? It is doing that much more, it requires that much more processing? What?

    I suspect BS. Also we have heard the PC lead platform thing before. It'll be like BF3 where when it comes out and everyone goes, 'How was PC lead platform" DICE will come out and say, 'it initially was but then we switch it to consoles.'
    Posted 12:52pm 20/3/13
    While it sounds like BS, it also sounds like MARKETING bs.

    The kind of list you'd show to wrinkled old grey-haired investors to explain what the kids are up to these days.
    Posted 01:41pm 20/3/13
    heh, 720p.
    Posted 01:57pm 20/3/13
    bf3 only utilized about 25% of frostbite 2.0's capabilities.
    probably due to system restraints.
    don't particularly wanna see
    Minimum Requirements
    - cpu - quad core 3.5ghz
    -ram - 12 gig ddr3
    - graphics - ati 7970/ nvidia gtx 670

    Posted 02:36pm 20/3/13
    Hahaha PC as lead platform, heard that one before.
    Posted 03:01pm 20/3/13
    microtransactions == you get in your tank, you have sufficient fuel to drive to the bowser, if you want to drive any further you need to 'fill er up'.
    Posted 03:05pm 20/3/13
    720p == next gen, eh
    Posted 03:36pm 20/3/13
    And the bad thing is, 1080p @ 60fps will probably never happen because graphics will only be getting better while hardware will be remaining the same. I know they can eke extra performance out of consoles as time goes on but that has its limits.

    I was hoping the next-gen consoles would bring something new and powerful to the table technology-wise but they seem to be on about par with a high-range gaming PC. I'll probably get an Xbox 2 just for Forza.
    Posted 04:09pm 20/3/13
    This actually sounds like a proper sequel to battlefield 2. Was BF3 just a filler in between? Was it a pure money making excersize?
    Posted 04:12pm 20/3/13
    heh, 720p.
    no kidding... that is f*****g WEAK.
    Posted 05:08pm 20/3/13
    Hahaha PC as lead platform, heard that one before.

    lol, I suspect that just means the developers are coding on PC's :P
    Posted 05:15pm 20/3/13
    lol, I suspect that just means the developers are coding on PC's :P

    To be fair, the PS4 is basically a PC, but still they tried that one last time.
    Posted 05:21pm 20/3/13
    WTB 2143
    Posted 06:07pm 20/3/13
    60fps? Welcome to 1990.
    Posted 06:31pm 20/3/13
    720p? And I was looking forward to see what the next-gen consoles could do! Admittedly this does give some credence to the "PC lead platform" line, although my old Q6600 can still handle most new games at near-maximum settings at 1080p just fine.
    Posted 07:25pm 20/3/13
    lol pc lead

    boba...yeah man fo shizzle. wish it was instead of just another cash cow....looks like dice are going to start the same business model as cod and pump out the same s*** every year....i might consider it if they f*** off the browser bs
    Posted 07:43pm 20/3/13
    Starting to play games when you couldn't run s*** in the background, down to tweaking services and systray usage, it still makes me feel dirty to launch bf3 from a web browser.
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