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Post by Eorl @ 03:23pm 19/03/13 | 3 Comments
Bethesda has today revealed a new update for the PC version of their 2011 RPG Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, putting the game at update 1.9. The new patch brings with it various bug fixes but also a brand new Legendary difficulty setting and skills, which effectively remove the level cap in the game.

For those looking for a bit more trouble in-game, the new Legendary difficulty will help further test your wits as enemies become stronger in both health and damage. Alongside the new difficulty is also the introduction of the Legendary skills, a chance for players to "reset" any of their skills that are at the 100 rank, putting the Legendary skill to 15, returning its Perks and allowing the skill to affect levelling again.

Currently the patch is only available for those on PC through Steam, however Bethesda has revealed that console gamers can expect the patch sometime later this month, though no set date has been revealed. You can check out the full patch notes over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:08pm 19/3/13
Legendary mode is very hard.

I think I will stick to Master a bit longer.
Posted 08:54pm 19/3/13
Played ~50hours of fallout 3 GOTY recently and it has me excited for Fallout :NV and also skyrim. Was never really a fan of the melee combat of elder scrolls but figure ill give skyrim another crack.
Posted 10:40pm 19/3/13
Lost my save files when I formatted. Now just can't get back into it :(
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