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Post by Eorl @ 11:06am 19/03/13 | 4 Comments
Since launching just under two weeks ago, Maxis' latest simulation title SimCity has definitely had its round of controversial issues. Ranging from the troublesome launch which found many players unable to connect to EA's servers (and in some cases consistent crashing when able to connect) through to modders discovering developer mode tools which enabled further development of a city outside of its artificial zones, the launch of SimCity hasn't been the smoothest that EA and Maxis were hoping for.

Today EA has revealed the full list of free games on offer through their Origin download service, a offer given to those who have purchased the SimCity game in hopes of mending the bond that Maxis believes they have betrayed. Currently eight games are on offer, however two of the eight games (SimCity 4 and Bejeweled 3) will automatically be given to those beneath the minimum age.
Our SimCity Mayors are incredibly important to the team at Maxis. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties at launch and hope to make it up to you with a free PC game download from Origin.

At Maxis, our studio values dictate that we innovate and create something that is quirky, complex and challenging. Sometimes this bites us in the butt, but our servers are green and we’re seeing record numbers of players all online and having a great time.
On offer for those who have purchased the SimCity title before March 26th is Battlefield 3 (Standard Edition), Bejeweled 3, Dead Space 3 (Standard Edition), Mass Effect 3 (Standard Edition), Medal of Honor Warfighter (Standard Edition), Need For Speed Most Wanted (Standard Edition) and Plants vs. Zombies. Interesting enough is also the offer of SimCity 4, the predecessor to the new SimCity title which gives players the chance to play singleplayer in a completely offline experience, without the hassle of any DRM or server connection (something that Maxis has said isn't possible)

Players who have redeemed their game before March 26th will receive an email detailing instructions on how to obtain the free PC download title, with EA opening up the redemption portal country-by-country, with March 22nd having anyone being able to pick their game. A FAQ is available for those with more questions then answers over here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:54am 19/3/13
I've said it that this is a trap and many people will fall for it. Some of the games being offered are good and now people will rush to buy the game before the 26th for the free game.

This won't make me buy the game, they can keep their DRM'ed s*** and the free game, especially after lying about the offline mode in the customers' very face. I wish more people would follow this example.

Try harder EA.
Posted 12:25pm 19/3/13
Well raging against DRM or not.. if Crysis 3 was one of those freebies... I would be alllll over that offer :)
Posted 09:54pm 19/3/13
I'm 100% with Jboy. The community needs to send EA/Maxis a message that we won't be treated like scum. The best way to do that is to walk away.
Posted 10:26pm 19/3/13
Hell Yeah. Might as well grab a cheap simcity cd key and get free copy of dead space 3. Basically buy $60 game, get $40 game for free.
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