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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:09am 18/03/13 | 1 Comments
Nintendo has many of its fans hanging by a thread where the Eternal Darkness brand is concerned, but they're unwilling to let the thread snap it seems, despite the game's original developer, Silicon Knights, suffering crippling legal blows after a court battle with Epic over use of the Unreal game-engine for their Xbox 360 debut, Too Human.

VG247 reports (via Cub3d) that an extension application was submitted by Nintendo of America for Eternal Darkness and points out that this is actually the fifth application of its kind of the game from them. However, as the site also points out, despite five submissions, nothing new has ever emerged regarding the game or brand.

Silicon Knights isn't dead yet, with last reports indicating outspoken boss, Denis Dyack, and a skeleton crew were keeping the lights on. But what does this mean for Eternal Darkness? A Wii U HD re-release? Eternal Darkness 2 developed in conjunction with Nintendo and what's left of SK? Your guess is as good as ours.

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Posted 08:14pm 20/3/13
A sequel would be amazing and a HD port would also be amazing. Nintendo have said they were not happy with he amount of gamecubes sold and that many classic games were missed by people. So maybe with this in mind a few GameCube games mights appear as HD remakes (Wind Waker) or on the E-shop as downloads. Either way I loved ED and would replay it again :)
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