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Post by Eorl @ 01:47pm 15/03/13 | 6 Comments
Since the trailer for the very mysterious Phantom Pain game was debuted at the Spike VGA's last year, many have been eagerly speculating that the title is somehow linked to Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise or at the very least Konami. In development by the quite unknown Moby Dick studio, many questions have still been left unanswered as to where exactly the title is set, and whether it is indeed tied into a already existing franchise.

Today however things got even more interesting when GameTrailers TV (and Spike VGAs creator) Geoff Keighley tweeted a picture of a man wrapped in bandages, stating that "This man claims to be Joakim Mogren of Moby Dick Studios, developer of The Phantom Pain." While this is obviously the first in seeing a man wrapped in bandages claiming to be the CEO of an unknown company, it definitely strikes more interest into what exactly is going on here. The last time we saw a man wrapped in bandages and was somewhat related was during the Phantom Pain trailer, where a man that looks practically the same helped up the unknown protagonist.

Keighley has also tweeted other various comments including a mention that "Joakim Mogren was a man I'm pretty sure I've not met before. He did show some new images on his iPad", but also going on to say that "The guy was definitely not Kojima. He legitimately seemed Sweedish. And I'm skeptical if he is actually a game developer."

For those interested, Geoff Keighley's interview will air later this afternoon on Spike TV at 10PM PST (3pm AEST). Check out the previous Spike VGA's trailer below for those needing a refresh.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:54pm 15/3/13
Hope he had plenty of Doritos with him
Posted 03:51pm 15/3/13
Joakim... he must be joking. They are pulling out all the stops for this one.

Good on them, it will be a good laugh.
Posted 04:54pm 15/3/13
This is a pretty epic troll.
Posted 05:00pm 15/3/13
Its an anagram

When you unscramble it it becomes

Mike or Mojang

Which I presume is who is ACTUALLY behind all this.
Posted 06:39pm 15/3/13
When you unscramble it it becomes Kojima, which is why everyone is talking about Kojima in relation to it.
Posted 08:44pm 15/3/13
Kojima announced a Project Ogre a while back, and this dude's surname is Mogren.
It's all pretty much confirmed now, he showed screenshots with a FOX engine watermark and the FOX engine was developed by Kojima Productions.
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