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Post by Eorl @ 12:48pm 14/03/13 | 1 Comments
After last weeks second beta weekend for upcoming MMO Dungeons & Dragons: Neverwinter, Perfect World Entertainment has unveiled a new trailer today depicting the Control Wizard class in action, a powerful spell-caster with a talent for stunning and disabling enemies.
Master of Arcane Magic, the Control Wizard is a powerful spell-caster with a talent for stunning and disabling enemies. With abilities to cast powerful elemental and controlled magic, the Control Wizard can expertly assault a target from a distance. By skilfully managing his control effects, he is able to exploit the weaknesses of his enemies. Certainly, a Devoted Cleric can keep your party standing, the Guardian Fighter can go toe-to-toe with a dragon, and the Trickster Rogue can make sure that dragon dies, but the Control Wizard has the power to keep that dragon from ever reaching combat.
You can check out more of the Control Wizard preview over on the official website, along with the chance to purchase several different Founder's Packs offering early access to any upcoming beta weekends.

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Posted 11:08pm 14/3/13
DnD is not an MMO platform.... I Cast Magic missile .. "Hai guy I need to rest for a day now."
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