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Post by Eorl @ 10:35am 14/03/13 | 6 Comments
After learning earlier this week that the uncertain Star Wars: First Assault title was meant to be a predecessor to Battlefront 3, new footage has been leaked via Kotaku showcasing the game in action, both with a pre-rendered cutscene and actual gameplay footage.
We've got two clips of First Assault, both cut from a trailer that was designed for internal use at LucasArts back in October/November. This is footage from an older version of the game, and may not be a perfect reflection of what First Assault looks like today, but given that LucasArts won't talk about the game, this is all we've got.

"The trailer contains all in-game footage, including known bugs and incomplete art," said a source. "In the time since it was made, many improvements have been made in performance, completeness, and quality."
It is still unknown as to whether this game will ever see the light of day like the rumoured Battlefront 3 from Free Radical, due to the recent acquisition of the Star Wars franchise by Disney. From the gameplay trailer below it definitely looks interesting, so here is hoping LucasArts are able to push the game out sooner rather then never.

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Posted 01:26pm 14/3/13
Star Wars: Dark Forces series were the best of the Star Wars games I've played IMO. It was a really enjoyable game and captured Star Wars feel so well. All without Jedi.
Posted 02:53pm 14/3/13
All without Jedi.
lolwut? Kyle Katarn becomes a Jedi master over the course of the series.
Posted 02:59pm 14/3/13
rofl, the second f*****g game was even called jedi knight
Posted 05:15pm 14/3/13
Also his lightsaber was jedi
Posted 06:03pm 14/3/13
O what, I forgot that. So really I mean Dark Forces 1...
Posted 06:43pm 14/3/13
What the? What's with all the f***ed up over powered weapons? What's with the force field shield thing? Come on.
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