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After three main titles in the series and a handful of off-shoots, the God of War franchise is quite an interesting take on the third-person action-adventure genre. Developed by Santa Monica Studio, the series blends a loose take on Greek mythology with some more unrealistic mechanics to really sell the mythological setting.

God of War: Ascension marks the seventh instalment in the game, and is a prequel to the entire series with main protagonist Kratos back for some vengeance. We got our myth-busting expert Ko-zee-ii on the scene to check out just what the title has to offer in terms of the new singleplayer story and also for the first time in the series the multiplayer gameplay.
I feel quite torn. It isn’t a bad game, not by a long shot, but you’ll feel the main plot is sorely lacking something, which is something I never thought I’d say about God of War.
Check out the full review over here.

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Posted 05:05pm 12/3/13
how did you find the mp latency for us Australians kinda balancing my choice to purchase it on that and is there a party style feature to play with mates?
Posted 05:19pm 16/3/13
will pick this up when the price drops
Posted 03:29pm 21/3/13
Syzk, when I reviewed this I played the multi at a closed session at Sony for about 5-6 hours. Since then I have had issues online. The gameplay is lag-free but getting into matches can be problematic.
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