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Post by Dan @ 05:59pm 06/03/13 | 8 Comments
World of Tanks creators Wargaming continue to bolster their regional presence, announcing The Autumn Series, a cash money tournament for Australian and New Zealand WoT players that will be run over four online qualifier cups, with a final between the top two teams taking place at the Supernova Pop Culture Expo in Mid April 2013.

The tournament is being managed by ESL ANZ, the Australian contingent of the Electronic Sports League, with AU$10,000 in cash up for grabs for the top four places:
The total prize pool for the live finals will be $10,000 AU as well as additional hardware. The prize pool has been divided so every team can be compensated for travel.

1st: $3000 AUD
2nd: $1800 AUD
3rd: $1000 AUD
4th- 8th: $840 AUD

*Cash prizes will be paid out via bank transfer within 30 days after the event.
The first qualifier is scheduled for March 17th, and will be casted live on ESL TV. Interested parties should head over to the official tournament portal at http://www.wot.eslanz.com.au/ to get in on the action.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:50pm 06/3/13
ESL has a pretty average rap in the SC2 and others worlds for late payments... some people have waited over a year for payments.

Even worse, they take the money from the person wanting to sponsor the comp and still take upto a year for payment to the winners.

Good luck to the players, but do be weary of their methods.
Posted 09:09pm 06/3/13
Hi BlueWolf, in 2012 ESL "Global" had a back log of around $100,000 which has now all been cleared. Last year they paid out over 1.5million Euro in Prize money, and since their operations started they have paid out over 12million Euro.

I understand that a waiting time on prize money from a players perspective is always frustrating for players, however ESL Australia/New Zealand is operated all in house in Australia, and as such, there will be no delays in payments etc.
Posted 09:58pm 06/3/13
I see no evidence of fact in your claim madrtr.
Posted 10:39pm 06/3/13
So, I never switched to the SEA servers so, I'm guessing that's me out then.!?
Posted 02:55pm 07/3/13
All I can say is BRING IT!

As a member of "Grumpy Old Men", (the aussie/kiwi guys who made it to the SEA finals for URAL Steel and regular Showdown/Rumble Tournament finalists) we can't wait sink our tracks into this!

-Grumpy Old Men-
Posted 06:09am 09/3/13
So, I never switched to the SEA servers so, I'm guessing that's me out then.!?

I am also on the US servers, I missed the transfer boat.
Posted 01:17pm 18/3/13
Awww Yeah,
Grumpy Old Men nailed the 1st qualifier undefeated after some incredibly intense matches.

Melbourne, here we come !
Switch TV replays if anyone is interested.
Grumpies play at the 30 min / 60 min / 90 min etc

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