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Post by trog @ 03:41pm 06/03/13 | 7 Comments
Just a quick notice about a Dell sale that we just got notice of - there's a couple of decent deals that people might want to check out, including their basic 24" monitor (capable of 1920x1080) for just $191 - including delivery. The other higher spec IPS models are also available at 30% off so might be worth a look if you want something a bit nicer.

Check out what's on offer over on the the Dell sale page and see if there's anything else that takes your fancy.


Latest Comments
Posted 01:13am 07/3/13
Thanks for the heads up Trog. If only I needed some stuff!
Posted 03:47pm 07/3/13
anyone here got the 27" DellTM UltraSharpTM U2713HM ? I need a new monitor though i'm not sure what to get.
Posted 04:46pm 07/3/13
Crak, bought one in the last sale. First one had a pink line down the middle but 2nd is works a treat. Heaps of landscape on the desktop, still getting use to it.
Posted 05:06pm 07/3/13
will prolly spend $50 on printing in the next year or so anyway, are these ok? I notice you can also buy hp or similar laser printers for about the same price at office works or even the fkn post office these days. any advantage?
Posted 05:27pm 07/3/13
dell toners are expensive i dont recommend there printers but there monitors are good, my 27" 1200x1920 montior was bought back in 2007 and still going strong!
Posted 08:31pm 07/3/13
Brother printers are cheap and toners are reasonably priced.
Posted 08:46pm 07/3/13
I have a networked brother printer, works great. Just have to watch those pesky non windows print drivers, ended up with 50 pages of binary one day when I picked the wrong one. lol.
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