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Post by Dan @ 11:57am 05/03/13 | 11 Comments
Despite the ongoing slow demise of print media, the cover of the monthly Game Informer magazine remains a popular ad slot for games publishers, owed largely to its wide free circulation in North American retailers. According to tweets from GI's Andy McNamara, tomorrow's reveal of the April edition front page will be one to look out for, as the editor teased "it's a next gen game I'm personally thrilled to get to reveal.", and further explained that it's not Assassin's Creed IV, which has now already been formally announced by Ubisoft.

The always-resourceful crowd over at NeoGAF seem to have found a couple of other pieces to the puzzle, corroborating a previous mention from Game Informer that the next cover "contains a bow", with this post from an Eidos community manager hinting at having something new to share tomorrow.
*ahem* What's this??

You guys are talking about Deus Ex in the Thief forums??

This won't do. Not at all.

I'm gonna have to do something about this.............. Something drastic.

Lets reconvene tomorrow. Set your watches, taffers.
The obvious conclusion of course, being the long-awaited Thief 4. However, McNamara has since followed up with another tweet promising that "tomorrow's cover does not have a 4 or IV on it.", rousing speculation that the game could simply be called Thief.

Originally announced under the tacky moniker THI4F, the stealth action sequel has long been in the works at the Square Enix-owned, Canadian studio Eidos Montreal.

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Latest Comments
Posted 01:33pm 05/3/13
I think the only reason Nerfy hasn't replied to this thread yet is because hes still writhing on the floor in excitement.
Nerf Lord
Posted 01:51am 06/3/13
^ Indeed.
Posted 04:40pm 05/3/13
Haha f***. was coming in to take the piss out of Nerfy, looks like I got beat :(
Nerf Lord
Posted 06:18pm 05/3/13
Jesus, it's been almost 10 years since Thief 3, and I remember following that rabidly through development for several years also.
Posted 08:38pm 05/3/13
I came
Posted 08:49pm 05/3/13
I have all the Thief games on Steam. Better start playing them!
Nerf Lord
Posted 02:12am 06/3/13
This seems to be it. It doesn't look like the classic Thief universe or gameplay to me. :(


The only thing it had going for it was corsets and medieval pantaloons.
Posted 01:54am 06/3/13
What development house are making it? Isn't it the same bunch who made DE:HR? If so the game is in good hands.
Nerf Lord
Posted 02:41am 06/3/13
Same company and building I think, but I don't know if there's much team crossover.

The maps look busy as f*** (which is no fun for sneaking), the colours are all really muted while everything's all glowy and hard to look at, Garrett looks like some sort of ninja assassin instead of the stealthy scrapper with a sword and bow that he was (think Bron-style from game of thrones), and the classic industrial architecture and Thief world clothing just seems to be... absent... Replaced with something where the characters look really weird against the overly-detailed and strangely-lit architecture... The poster's just trying to fit in the most generic thematic badassary action that it can, which the game could never deliver on, and was never really the theme or attraction of the original games. Garrett doesn't even seem to have his sword of blackjack, just a new ninja mechanical bow.

I miss the less flashy thief in the religious industrial city. More like this and this.. Instead of the overcast-looking daytime city seen in the pictures...
Posted 02:22am 06/3/13
Well just know that I am probably as obsessive about Deus Ex as you are about thief and was having the exact same thoughts prior to HR's release. I was very happy with the results so hopefully they won't f*** it up for you.
Nerf Lord
Posted 02:35am 06/3/13
There's too little to see yet to really form an opinion, but I'm approaching this one skeptically now.
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