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Post by Eorl @ 02:47pm 01/03/13 | 7 Comments
In a recent interview with (thanks VG247), ArenaNet's Habib Loew (WvW Coordinator and Principle Programmer) has revealed new details about the upcoming World vs World March changes to MMO Guild Wars 2. Players looking forward to the patch can expect big changes including "all new daily achievements, guild missions, a new sPVP map, and upgrades to the trading post."
Let’s start with how excited we are to get this patch out. We are really psyched to deliver this content to player and especially the WvW community. So there are two main priorities with this patch: the first is to eliminate Culling, the second is to add in WvW progression for players. The progression allows us to let players feel a sense of advancement past level 80. Also we want to give players some achievements beyond just regular character advancement.
ArenaNet has also unveiled a new blog post by Angel McCoy detailing new updates to the Living Story content currently live on servers. Players can expect brand new adventures in Tyria including further advances in the Flame and Frost storyline plus a look at more content starting at the end of March.

Make sure you check out the full interview over at which gives a great insight into just where ArenaNet are taking the PvP content of their MMO, but also check out the latest video from the team giving an overview of new content in WvW.

guild wars 2pvparenanet
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:38pm 02/3/13
Yesssssssssssss. Too bad my mates are now into Tera :(
Posted 08:33pm 02/3/13
Yesssssssssssss. Too bad my mates are now into Tera :(

Don't know how that is possible considering the last time I tried TERA it lagged quite heavily.

I'm actually quite excited for this, it will definitely get me back to playing GW2, really been missing the PvP portions.
Posted 03:56pm 04/3/13
meh to cosmetic upgrades
Posted 09:25am 07/3/13
Small or large updates, I'm very very impressed at the post release content for GW2, they're churning out content monthly since release, and there's no letting up.

Very impressive for a b2p mmo title
Posted 01:08pm 07/3/13
I ended up repping for another guild after a while. My original one (carried over from GW1) has some great people but they very rarely play in my timezone and there's only a few of them around nowadays.

New one is still fairly small but is a bit more active (especially on weekends) and probably 90% AU timezone which is a nice change. We're on Ehmry Bay - if you ever happen to want an invite just send me a PM.
Posted 03:25pm 07/3/13
Yeah quite a few of my friends still play, we have a small guild and we play on and off. I've got 3 level 80s. Just slowly working my way through every single profession learning how each of the builds work. I'm also in a big guild. I very happy the Guild Missions came out when they did it gives the big guild something to work towards and the small guild to hope for something.

I sometimes wish there was a bit mor, but I'm sure things will go given time:

Depth and Complexity:

Perfect Imbalance (Incomparability):

Side Note: Extra Creditz maybe you've heard of these guys?

I am glad Arena Net are addressing World versus World (WvW / Wv3) as a seperate entity thats' really cool (for progression). Also that they keep trying to improve the game. I know not all professions are perfect. The Ranger PET AI (mother of god) needs a total re-scraping and or redone

Jon Peters (& even Robert Hrouda) said that they're going to continue working on the Ranger profession in a 1000 page post on the official forum)

But I know all great games take time. Look at how long it took World of Warcraft to get 'epic' (no, not welfare epics) so to speak, but at the same time, I hope Arena Net being ex-Blizzard developers don't go full-retard and on the development side of things and make getting the epic cosmetic things like Legendary weapons inside the game easier without some effort to put in. Hey its great to cater for the not so time dedicated people (youtube content producers, people with families, etc) but at the same time if you're hitting the people who have lots of time (what used to be called hardcore) and that carousel market. Go for it by all means.

To some degree, I have the belief that there is a sort cosmetic factor in obtaining things. I was talking to a mutual friend recently and we were lamenting, that during Burning Crusade there was a mount that took a lot of reputation hence time to get. But when Wrath of the Lich King came out that same "mount" so-to-speak was then made easier to get.

Arena Net has mentioned (in the long run) that they are going to make Legendary weapons achievable by a scavenger hunt mechanic. Not to say, I've had enough of power creep MMO[R]PGs; But there is like a time and a place for having power-creep and gear grind. Games like Path of Exile or Diablo 3 rely on power creep to sell the motif where as games like

Hawken -
Warframe -
Once again I really like what Firefall is doing.
Firefall -

Rely on cosmetic, some gear tiering and different builds/modules to make the gameplay different and dynamic.

Firefall is trying to do like a youtube channel @

Also how Firefall has a bit more open access with the developers on said youtube channel.
I really do this to a certain degree now in the future, not to say developers will have to offer more per-se for their users (customers) but they'll have to be more forthright to some degree.
Posted 05:03pm 07/3/13
meh to cosmetic upgrades

Yeah cause that epic set of armor that look takes so long to get, or, that legendary weapon that swirls black when you attack with it. Looks awesome.
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