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Post by Eorl @ 11:45am 28/02/13 | 6 Comments
Blizzard has revealed the latest trailer for upcoming Patch 5.2: The Thunder King for their latest expansion to popular MMO World of Warcraft. The new patch will bring various amounts of content including the Throne of Thunder raid, a new area to quest in, a new world boss and of course the various bug fixes and changes to classes.
Lei Shen, the ancient mogu Thunder King, once loomed over the continent of Pandaria, uniting the mogu clans under his rule. Were it not for his downfall, the pandaren, jinyu, hozen and more might still serve the mogu – and they may again. Now awakened from his tomb by his old allies, Lei Shen has returned, promising to reclaim his ancient empire.

The Thunder King recently reemerged on the isle that served as his seat of power, surrounding himself with allies among the mogu and Zandalari trolls. Lei Shen’s great palace is home to more than the rubble of his past battles; it is a mighty war larder, a museum of mogu armaments that were once used to squeeze all Pandaria in an iron grip. In the hands of the mogu, these powerful weapons mean unchecked destruction. They would be put to far better use by the Alliance and Horde.

Beside the heroes of the Shado-Pan and the champions of your faction, you’ll assault Lei Shen’s island to prevent the returned Thunder King from using his destructive powers against Pandaria, and claim his ancient engines of war – quickly – before the enemy’s faction can turn them on you.
Blizzard has also revealed a new landing page for those looking to gather as much information before journeying to the new lands, which you can find over here. You can also check out the latest PTR patch notes for a look at what to expect in the Thunder King patch, which is available here.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:42pm 28/2/13
Will this be next week>? Im back playing again, FML....
Posted 02:37pm 28/2/13
Hrmm, maybe, I'd be more likely to think week after next though, cos Arena season ends on March 8th I believe
Posted 03:57pm 28/2/13
pretty sure they said next week.
Posted 04:32pm 28/2/13
Will this be next week>? Im back playing again, FML....

Don't worry Defi, I'm also tempted into getting Pandaria and starting back up. Its been almost three years now since I stopped playing, was hoping I could give it up forever but Khel is tempting me with his evil ways.

Bit bummed I missed out on those cheap sales for the expansions, could of gotten Pandaria for $20.
Posted 04:51pm 28/2/13
pretty sure they said next week.

Got a source for that? I don't remember seeing any promise of next week
Posted 05:44pm 28/2/13
Current Arena season finishes on the 5th of March. Current build on PTR is a candidate release meaning, apart from some very minimal stat adjustments, the patch is gtg
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