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Post by Dan @ 11:34am 27/02/13 | 6 Comments
Controversial open world zombie survival game The War Z has found its way back to Steam, two months after it was pulled from the PC distribution service due to a raft of player complaints.

PCGamesN notes that many of the listed features that defied the realistic state of the game appear to have been removed, as does the artwork lifted from The Walking Dead tv series, and the Terms of Service copied from League of Legends.

Given that the game's removal had prompted Valve Software to offer refunds to disapointed players from its own coffers, and the game's developer's largely unapologetic public statements, it seems strange to us that the Steam gatekeepers would let this one back on the service, but here it is, branded with a dismal Metacritic score of 23/100.

the war zsteam

Latest Comments
Posted 12:35pm 27/2/13
Looks like half the s*** they said was coming to the original game still isnt there, but they've just deleted any references to new features.

They're also still using a bunch of fake screenshots.

Pretty s*** of Valve/Steam to let this game back, considering how many legit developers would love to get their game on Steam.
Posted 01:23pm 27/2/13
i wish i didnt buy this game :(
Posted 01:47pm 27/2/13
Such a terrible f*****g game and so many moron fanboys for no reason. So glad standalone DayZ is on its way
Posted 05:51pm 27/2/13
Yeah I regret buying this too. I did laugh when i got that s***** ass kissing email from the devs after it was pulled though.
Posted 08:03pm 27/2/13
You have to be an informed noob to have bought this already. Probably also preorder CoD each year.
Posted 12:46am 28/2/13
Such a terrible f*****g game and so many moron fanboys for no reason.

That'd be because some people are too egotistical to ever admit they made a bad decision.

Something along the lines of "the game can't possibly be bad because I paid money for it and I would never pay money for a s*** game".
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