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Post by Eorl @ 10:34am 22/02/13 | 4 Comments
Bohemia Interactive has today revealed that the long-awaited army simulator title ArmA 3 will be available as a Steam exclusive, and will also be making its way to the digital giant in 2013. Bohemia revealed that while it will be a Steam exclusive, it will have retail boxes in most countries, however these will just be Steam CD Keys.
As an independent developer, we’re constantly evaluating the way we develop, distribute and publish games. Valve made tremendous improvements to their system, which made the installation/update process much more user-friendly - for both developers and customers, adds Bohemia Interactive’s founder and CEO, Marek Španěl.

We realize that some people may find it difficult to migrate to a new platform, especially if they were used to purchasing and playing our games without any external third-party application. We have evaluated the pros and cons, but in the end Steam enables us to release Arma 3, brings massive advantages to the game, and improves the end-user experience. Not to forget, the majority of our players already come from Steam.
A recent blog post titled "Full Steam Ahead" gives an overview of why the development team is pushing for a 2013 release, stating that "the game could otherwise not be released in 2013." You can check out the full blog over here which gives some great insight into how the development team is handling the push, but you can also check out two new screenshots below for a glimpse at how far the game has come.

In somewhat related news, the very popular and free DayZ mod - which is now being developed as a standalone title - has been spotted over on Valve's Steam shop, an odd addition considering the mod has been out for so long via the official website. Hopefully this points to a Steam release for the DayZ Standalone, which has been said to be using built-in Steam servers for players to connect to. No date has yet been given on when the Standalone title will be released, but creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has said previously that he hopes for a 2013 release.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:57am 22/2/13
This is awesome news!!!!!
Posted 03:32pm 22/2/13
DayZ mod is on steam. Now this. Yey.
Posted 06:18pm 22/2/13
I'm happy about this, but a bunch of butt hurt over on the Arma 3 forums. All of it making no sense.
Posted 06:25pm 22/2/13
I upgraded my PC to uber status just for this game.
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