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Post by Eorl @ 10:13am 20/02/13 | 13 Comments
Blizzard have announced via their official page that the infamous Blizzcon event that was put on hold last year is now scheduled to commence again, taking its place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California on the weekend of November 8th.
“BlizzCon gives us a chance to connect with our players and share our latest projects in a very personal way,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “Members from all of our gaming communities have helped make this event bigger and better every time, and we look forward to meeting up and celebrating with them in November.”
Headlining the event will be various gaming booths for all of Blizzard's franchises, however as per usual nothing has been officially announced yet. The previous 2011 Blizzcon saw the reveal of the fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, titled Mists of Pandaria and a closing act by the Foo Fighters, however hopefully this time round we may get a few more hints at what Blizzard's yet-to-be-revealed Titan MMO could be.

As usual, make sure you stay tuned to AusGamers for more details as they become available.

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Reverend Evil
Posted 10:21am 20/2/13
Any chance you guys could get an extra ticket for me when you get yours?
Posted 10:49am 20/2/13
Calling it now:

Diablo 3 Expansion - 2014 release.
Starcraft 2 Protoss Expansion Announced
Titan Revealed - MMO loosely based on Blackthorne universe set a little more in the future. Cyberpunk seems to be the next trend.
Free WoW pet for every attendance (inc online)
Posted 10:58am 20/2/13
Scratch on the SCII mention, methinks. With Heart of the Swarm less than a year old, there'll be no discussion on Legacy of the Void.

They were pretty adamanent about absolutely no discussion of Heart of the Swarm at the con that followed Wings of Liberty's release.

D3 needs a major shot in the arm, so an xpac is a fairly safe call. Same too for WoW.

I'd love to think that I'm going to get a Titan announcment this time...but I've been twice already and zero for my efforts (not that that was the only reason for going...but it would have been sweet to be there when it happened).
Posted 11:07am 20/2/13
Yeah, D3 expansion and WoW expansion announced, but I doubt they'll be pushing the protoss expansion with HotS only a few months old.

I'd love to go to this, but I'd never get tickts, they always go on sale at extremely awkward hours and sell out in minutes, I think I'll just have to settle for streaming it again.
Posted 11:13am 20/2/13
^ True about Starcraft. Don't know about WoW though. That was only released in September. Probably announcement of more content at least

Forgot to add Blizzard's DOTA as well. I'd imagine that'll be a fair focal point.
Posted 11:17am 20/2/13
Don't know about WoW though. That was only released in September.

Yeah, keep in mind this isn't till November though, MoP will have been out for over a year by then. Fits with the timeline of when they've announced the next WoW expansion in the past. They usually announce it a year after the last one came out, and then release it a year after that.
Posted 11:21am 20/2/13
I would expect patch 5.5 (aka The Siege of Orgrimmar raid) to hit the servers around about November, to reaffirm that the end of MoP is approaching. Basically the same pattern as used for Cata > MoP.
Posted 11:30am 20/2/13
i cannot f*****g wait for this. immediately after this s***pile you get tons of videos of people with crippling autism in a public forum. and i laugh.
Posted 11:54am 20/2/13
D3 needs a major shot in the arm, so an xpac is a fairly safe call.

More like a shot in the head.

Why bother trying to fix something that's fundamentally flawed *shrug*
Posted 04:53pm 20/2/13
I kind of hope that they do make an expansion and that it fails miserably... I know its petty and sad but blizzard need a serious wake up call.
Posted 06:56pm 20/2/13
Titan will be the only interesting news, I expect it be free to play also.
Posted 06:58pm 20/2/13
Dunno if there'll be a Titan announcement with everything else already being announced, next year would seem like a good time for that cos the only thing they'll really have to talk about is the protoss expansion for SC2
Posted 07:20pm 20/2/13
or just skip it again.
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