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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 05:01am 18/02/13 | 26 Comments
Last week AusGamers was invited out to Bungie's new Seattle headquarters to not only look at ll their cool Halo shit, but also their new multi-platform title under the Activision banner -- Destiny.

Skeptical as I might have been, and little as we were all shown, it was hard to walk away from such a promising presentation especially when ideas like a persistent online universe spanning 10 years, dynamic co-op, solo and competitive multiplayer along with stunning new visuals and lore up the wazoo were all on offer. By and by, this is the game you need to be grinding your ears and eyes to this year.

Click here for our full preview.

Also watch an official video reveal from Bungie embedded below.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:54am 18/2/13
If it's like another Halo in regards to single player with co-op side missions and multiplayer death matches, I'm interested.

But if it's an evolving semi-mmo multi-world universe with space travel/combat, I'm absolutely sold.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:20am 18/2/13
Closer to the latter glynd, but most likely even more than you suggest there
Posted 10:33am 18/2/13
Wait, they are actually putting in a time limit to the game, so 10 years the story evolves over?

This is what MMO's need. Not a never ending game that loses meaning.
Posted 11:32am 18/2/13
Has me interested though I don't own a PS3 or 360 and may not own any next-gen consoles for a good year or so after their release. Still, if they get it right and offer an ever-evolving persistent world filled to the brim with great lore and good gameplay, it could be cool.
Posted 11:39am 18/2/13
Wow looks very promising. Can't wait for more info.
Posted 01:15pm 18/2/13
sounds like they're trying to revolutionize the fps genre, so you would think they would at least release it on the platform that created it all...
Posted 01:37pm 18/2/13
The Mac?
Posted 01:56pm 18/2/13
looks really interesting, i'd consider suffering a console controller for it

if it actually takes off and doesn't just flop after the hype is gone after a few months
Posted 02:27pm 18/2/13

Posted 03:51pm 18/2/13
To be honest, I'd be pretty damn happy with a Bungie console version of Planetside 2 with some space combat and side missions like the "spartan ops" in Halo 4.

Bungie constantly updating with expansion packs with new planets/ships/vehicles/weapons/"spartan ops". Kotick would get his FPS "WoW" in the form of expansions rather than subscription.
Posted 03:59pm 18/2/13
it will definitely have micro transactions imo.
Posted 04:34pm 18/2/13
Kotaku post's strange comment by one of the Destiny devs...

Destiny Dev Says “Nobody Plays Shooters” With A Mouse & Keyboard. Huh?
Posted 04:58pm 18/2/13
That game looks pretty s***.

Got to love sci-fi where we apparently have mastered space travel but in the subsequent ruins of our civilization are cars, boats and tanks. Not to mention we were saved by some f*****g magical item that no one understands because being able to decipher s*** like that would take greater minds than the ones who unlocked interstellar space travel.

This game looks like it will be a major flop, the only hope they have is if it's a new release with the next gen consoles so they get in when the market is at it's thinnest.
Posted 05:15pm 18/2/13
That game looks pretty s***.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 05:25pm 18/2/13
That Kotaku and Destructoid piece is just click-bait.

The quote is taken massively out of context, all Jason Jones from Bungie was actually saying was they made Halo work on console despite a lack of keyboard and mouse. They never once inferred that no one plays shooters with mouse and keyboards anymore.
Posted 06:04pm 18/2/13
Wasn't the quote actually to do with saying they somewhat re-invented the way shooters use health/shields/regen through Halo?
Posted 06:26pm 18/2/13
i read that they said they created health regen and weapon limits.
Posted 06:53pm 18/2/13
Concept art looks good, but I doubt it will be good. Just cuz it's Bungie and activision.

Kotaku post's strange comment by one of the Destiny devs...Destiny Dev Says “Nobody Plays Shooters” With A Mouse & Keyboard. Huh?

That's amazing, talk about living in a bubble.
Posted 03:06am 19/2/13
“We did a bunch of ambitious things on Halo deliberately to reach out to people. We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game – almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo ’cause nobody wants to.”
The guy is a f***wit but he is OBVIOUSLY NOT SAYING THAT NOBODY USES KEYBOARD AND MOUSE. Pretty clear he is trying to say that they changed the way most FPS games get made now - that checkpoints, limited gun slots and regenerating health are a bungie invention and their prevalence today is bungie's fault (or doing)...

It's shouldn't shock me that most game 'journalists' have no comprehension skills because they are never good writers themselves. S*** like IGN and kotaku etc are the worst.

This was RPS's take on it:
“We couldn’t be bothered to make a PC version,” but for some reason it came out as, “Blurble flurble flipple-flopple ploooooooo.”
Posted 09:25am 19/2/13
When he says

"We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo ’cause nobody wants to."

How does he know? Did Halo ODST, 3 and 4 support mouse and keyboard, No. There was/is not even an option to use them on the 360 with those games. It is also easy to say that no one plays that way anymore if the machine that runs it is very common place and cheaper now then a cheap gaming PC, Especially second hand. What does he expect.
Posted 11:28am 19/2/13
So... are the evil creatures now in the rim worlds the same dudes that killed them in the beginning? Where have those dudes gone?
Steve Farrelly
Posted 12:33pm 19/2/13
A lot of that wasn't clear Viper119, but we'll be given a chance to learn more about that stuff pretty soon
Posted 03:38pm 19/2/13
It does seem interesting, just on the wrong platform. Maybe when the new consoles are released and have gone down in price I might have a look at it.
Posted 02:12pm 20/2/13
Looks like they have been reading a lot of Neil Asher. If they manage to produce a universe as rich and as compelling as his works they will be on a winner. I personally dislike Halo a lot. I have never been able to understand peoples obsession (outside of the excellent red vs. blue).
But the fact that they are attempting to produce something on this scale, with a ten year plan. I am both impressed and very curious. No one in gaming has attempted that. You could argue WoW, but they didn't seem to be planing a ten year story arc from the outset, more they just made it up as they went along.
If it is Rift ready then I am completely sold.
Posted 03:20pm 20/2/13
Bungie can't go wrong. They've never made a bad game. Myth1/2 community was one of the best I've ever been apart of.
Posted 04:43pm 20/2/13
Would be cool if they did make a Halo Multiplayer Only PC game, something akin to Battlefield but with Halo stuff.
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