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Post by Eorl @ 12:14pm 16/02/13 | 18 Comments
EA has unveiled new details about the upcoming End Game expansion for DICE's explosive FPS Battlefield 3, showcasing four new maps including quite lengthy descriptions on each.

Operation Riverside, Nebandan Flats, Kiasar Railroad and Sabalan Pipeline make up the new rotation, and of the four maps each one is able to support both Capture the Flag and Air Superiority, the two new modes being included in the expansion. Each map also offers the new dirt bike vehicle, allowing for quick access across the map however offering little in cover.

You can check out the full details over at the official blog here, however check out the screenshots below for a detailed overview of each one, including the new snow map.

battlefield3endgame04.jpg battlefield3endgame03.jpg battlefield3endgame02.jpg battlefield3endgame01.jpg

battlefield 3end gameexpansion
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:34pm 16/2/13
the logging one looks cool, but i have never bought premium and will never pay $50 for it. I would consider buying premium for $15, not cause i'm cheap, but because $50 for maps and guns that could of realistically been in the original game, is a joke.
Posted 01:25pm 16/2/13
Premium was totally worth it. Although the longer you wait the less value it'd be. The map packs made the game so much better than it was on release. Yes the game should have been released at a state where it didn't need them. However it has taken it up a notch and the amount of game play from each new map pack has been quite large. Way better than say the COD map packs where the excitement wears off pretty soon.
Posted 03:20pm 16/2/13
Yeh cod map packs are even worse
Posted 05:46pm 16/2/13
if the quality of the game is good enough then i will (and have!) for out the 50 buckeroo's.

each time a new map pack comes out for this excellent title, my and my mates get back together and get back into it, they do a great job each time.
Posted 05:58pm 16/2/13
also link in the post doesnt work...
Posted 06:04pm 16/2/13
You either protect your flag, snatch it back, or grab the enemy flag. Those are the only strategically sound actions you can take in a round of Capture the Flag. Coupled with the mobile nature of both flags, this means that firefights can suddenly erupt anywhere across the map and then suddenly change location again.
Heh, except it's not entirely silly to have one person sitting around incase a flag gets recovered to nab it (or defend it) to stop a cap.
Posted 06:24pm 16/2/13
also link in the post doesnt work...

Cheers fixed.
Posted 11:04pm 16/2/13
A comment from these pictures and from the glimpses int he videos we've seen. These maps actually look really sparse as far as buildings go. Mainly out in the open. Which is a bit...

I think DICE when building maps do so in their offices, where they play them all on voice chat as proper teams. In a way you simply can't do in the game. So there's the potential that the more sparse a map is, the more you need co-ordination, vehicle work and transportation. So when people drive off in jeeps and heli's by themselves, everyone left at spawn is f***ed. As there's no cover to attack on foot.

It's funny you look at those pointless strategy guides you get with premium and they literally discuss things and talk about team work in ways which are 100% impossible with out VOIP.

But yeah, i'm sure these will be good. They just look like the least effort of any DLC yet. Honestly they do kind of look like someone got the map editor, generated terrain and placed already existing assets in fairly low numbers.
Posted 12:06am 17/2/13
The snow map picture is really small, supposed to be like that? Those maps look the best yet, Where was the quality for the previous DLC.
Posted 08:29am 17/2/13
Damn, I wanted a jungle map. Snow one looks kinda cool though.
Posted 08:50am 17/2/13
Haven't played BF3 in over a year

Fcuck Origin in the arse.
Posted 12:45pm 17/2/13
I bought premium on Friday from CJS, came with the base game as well for only $43. Been playing a heap of it and the new DLC is actually really good, especially Close Quarters. It doesn't actually give a COD feel to it like some people were expecting due in part to the smaller maps, more so the opposite of being really hectic and quite fast paced.
Posted 06:32pm 18/2/13
yeh I caved and got it quite cheaply through work
Posted 06:28pm 17/2/13

Strangely enough i get way more replayability from those 4 CQ maps than something like all the maps from BO2.
Posted 07:32pm 17/2/13
I tried to play BLOPS 2 a few days ago...could not find a I un-installed it. Waste of moneys.
Posted 07:35pm 17/2/13
I am not keen on the CQ maps really and I do not like the ground shaking either.
Posted 11:51pm 17/2/13
Blops2 isn't bad in some of the non TDM modes. I have gone through short bursts of playing it since it's been out. Quick and dirty fun.

The problem is nuke town 24/7 which is only there on double XP is so much more fun than the MP normally is.

The BO2 SP was what you expected. Not better, not worse. Although I had no idea I was in the final mission when playing it. Not sure what that says about me or the game.
Posted 05:12pm 19/2/13
Just a heads up: Origin Battlefield Sale

Battlefield 3: $9.99
Battlefield 3 Premium: $29.99
Battlefield 3 Premium Edition: $39.99

Are the DLC worth $30?
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