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Post by Dan @ 11:12am 15/02/13 | 8 Comments
A photo of a curious looking PlayStation controller surfaced on Destructoid today, and has since been confirmed by sources close to several reputable publications to be an early prototype of Sony's new Dualshock control pad that will accompany the next PlayStation console, codenamed PlayStation Orbis.

The image appears to show a much bulkier design than previous Dualshock revisions, and features the heavily rumoured touchpad area, what appears to be an in-built speaker or microphone, and a blue-lit panel on top that resembles the PlayStation Move controller's colour-coordinated aesthetic.

We probably won't have to wait too much longer to get a more finalised idea of the new console and controller form-factors, as Sony are widely expected to be revealing the device officially at a New York "PlayStation Meeting" event on February 20th.

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Posted 12:44pm 15/2/13
i like the look of it except for the new thumbsticks.

i'm guessing that's a ps4 dev kit behind it?
Posted 12:58pm 15/2/13
Is that black thing in the middle of the controller an LCD screen or sorts? Probably mimicking Wii U.
Posted 01:04pm 15/2/13
Rumours are its a touch pad in the centre, though no idea if developers will actually use it or not. The blue bar at the top is "apparently" a move sensor, so maybe they have combined the move controller into the actual controller. No doubt though that this whole controller will retail for $100 here in Australia, considering just a standard dualshock is $79 still.
Posted 01:20pm 15/2/13
i really like this design that someone made

The GuVna
Posted 01:26pm 15/2/13
It Lives!:


Posted 03:59pm 15/2/13
Posted 04:11pm 15/2/13
Is that a microphone above the menu button or a speaker?
Posted 04:20pm 15/2/13
Speaker Dais, though if you look below the menu button it looks like it might be a microphone jack.
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