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Post by Dan @ 04:23pm 14/02/13 | 2 Comments
Our friends over at Kotaku have noticed the Queensland State Governemt publishing a statement indicating the successful introduction of the belated legislation that will govern the sale of R18+ rated videogame products in the state.

Awkwardly however, the release was published before the vote on the matter had even taken place (via Kotaku):
“The introduction of this classification should be welcome news for parents, who will now have more control over the games their children are playing,” Mr Bleijie said.

“I encourage parents to be guided by these classifications, as I’m sure many are unaware of the levels of violence and adult material contained in some computer games.

“This system has worked with films for a long time and it makes sense for computer games to be treated in the same way.

“At the Standing Council of Attorney’s General last year, it was decided to adopt a national approach for computer game classification.

“By coming into line with the rest of the country, we can prevent the games from being bought interstate and sold illegally in Queensland.”
Their confidence in the result is understandable given the Liberal National Party's grossly overwhelming majority in the state, but isn't it just an appropriately ridiculous way to end this whole absurd saga of political bureaucracy that has been the introduction of an R18+ rating for videogames in Australia? Where else but Queensland, indeed.


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Posted 05:40pm 14/2/13
Yeah it is amazing how they had to review it yet again...I mean really they must have read it through multiple times when it was first going through, but of course before the year ended and they had to make a decision "oh we need more time" WTF!? seriously how many people would have rioted if QLD was the only state not to have this implemented?
Reverend Evil
Posted 05:44pm 14/2/13
I'd love to know how much money the Government wasted while they figured out if we needed an R rating or not.
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