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Post by Dan @ 02:29pm 14/02/13 | 14 Comments
Signifying a huge victory for adult videogame consumers in Australia, Mortal Kombat: Komplete Edition has been classified with the new R18+ stamp by the Australian Classification Board.

The original release of Mortal Kombat's 2011 reboot, had seen the game refused classification under the previous guidelines, which only went up as MA15+ for computer game content. The Komplete Edition is said to contain all of the comedic exaggerated gratuity of the original, with the addition of the various downloadable content expansions.

The ACB's rating overview, cites violence as the only "high impact" element, with "moderate" themes, and language, and only "mild impact" sex and nudity (presumably owed to some of the more scantily-clad characters).

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:32pm 14/2/13
Why for no PC release? :(
Posted 02:32pm 14/2/13
I am well pleased, finally a concrete sign that we have a real and true R18+ classification.

Top s*** and well done to everyone who whinged enough to make it happen!
Posted 03:06pm 14/2/13
Ive got this game already from the UK. Here's hoping they release the DLC for Aus on Live!
Posted 03:27pm 14/2/13
Well im impressed it made it through.

Thanks to everyone who made this R18+ rating happen
Posted 03:48pm 14/2/13
hell yes and f**k yes! time to dust off the old 360! lets hope they do the same for l4d2!
Posted 04:55pm 14/2/13
If enough people buy this that theres actually a decent amount of games to be found online, I might have to grab it again. Never really got to play online at all with the version I imported :(
Posted 06:13pm 14/2/13
Very good.

In practice the R18+ rating is behaving as I expected it would now.
Posted 08:38pm 14/2/13
Seems like all that talk of the same standards but with a different letter might have just been to placate the ACL and their type. If that is the case, well played pollies!
Posted 11:53am 15/2/13
Wow, budget price too, I may as well just buy it again cos I never ended up getting the DLC (was living at my brother's place at the time so I was just playing it on his XBox with his copy of the DLC). I think all the DLC characters add up to like $25 or so anyway, so this is a pretty good deal.
Posted 03:57pm 15/2/13
Will I be able to play my UK version online here in Australia then?
Posted 05:01pm 15/2/13
I dunno if the multiplayer has any sort of region checking on it or not. They've said the Komplete version will be compatible online with the original version, but nothing about whether it'll be compatible with copies from other regions.
Posted 09:16pm 15/2/13
Gotta say I don't think I've ever been this happy to be wrong about something :)
Posted 10:31pm 15/2/13
Everyone should get it so I can f*** you up with my Smoke awesomeness
Posted 03:26am 16/2/13
Why for no PC release? :(

Ed Boon pretty much killed off any idea of a PC port for MK9 via Twitter some time ago.. :(
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