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Post by Eorl @ 12:55pm 12/02/13 | 6 Comments
Star Wars: The Old Republic developer BioWare has today unveiled new details regarding upcoming game update 1.7, which will see new in-game content coming to the free-to-play title including a look at the mysteries behind the Grey Secant, an ancient Gree starship.
Game Update 1.7 is coming soon to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ which will give players brand new in-game content to experience including Relics of the Gree, a limited time live event occurring across the galaxy, and the Galactic Reputation system, an exciting new way for players progress their characters.

  • Relics of the Gree – Discover the mysteries behind the Grey Secant, an ancient Gree starship that has suddenly appeared over Ilum’s Western Ice Shelf. From February 12 to February 26, players can visit the in-game News Terminals located on Carrick Station or Vaiken Spacedock to begin their adventure. The Gree have promised advanced technology, including powerful weapons and armor, to anyone who is brave enough to aid them against an insidious foe who has taken control at the heart of their ship.

  • Galactic Reputation – This new system enables players to earn Reputation points by completing missions for factions such as the Gree, or for military divisions within the Republic and the Empire. The Galactic Reputation system advances characters through six ranks of increasing prestige: “Outsider”, "Newcomer", "Friend", "Hero", "Champion", and "Legend". Galactic Reputation is also tied to a character’s Legacy, so Reputation points and ranks are shared across all the characters within the same Legacy.
  • BioWare has also released a new sneak peak trailer showing just what to expect from this Gree-orientated updated, which you can check out below. You can also find more information on the update at the official website here.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 05:47pm 12/2/13
    How is TOR fairing these days? I wanted to get back into it when it hit f2p but the f2p restrictions scared me off. Have they eased a bit and has the game for a decent sized player base?
    Posted 06:13pm 12/2/13
    I fired it back up briefly after it went F2P but it seemed pretty dead :(

    I'll probably play it again when that hutt cartel expansion comes out just for the new storyline stuff, but atm there doesn't seem to be a lot of new stuff outside of new raids, and without some kind of 'raid finder' type tool like WoW has, thats not really content you can easily and casually jump into.
    Posted 08:05pm 12/2/13
    third attempt, editing from ag

    you can do that, khel
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 08:35pm 12/2/13
    I'd like to play most of the class stories, the rest of the game is pretty balls imo.
    Posted 08:43pm 12/2/13
    warzones are fun and I wish there were a wider range of space missions but eventually found myself hitting spacebar through all the dialogue on class missions; too much meaningless jibberjabber to get to the 1 in 10 convos that are actually interesting or matter.

    I didn't find server population an issue though.
    Posted 08:47pm 12/2/13
    I probably will jump back in just to check it out, having looked over the f2p chart preferred isn't as bad with restrictions, and I remember checking my cash shop currency and having a fair bit there.
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