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Post by Eorl @ 12:22pm 12/02/13 | 49 Comments
Gearbox Software has announced that their first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines is now available for all platforms in Australia, allowing those eager enough to go face-to-face with some acid-filled Xenomorphs.
Aliens: Colonial Marines begins with an ostensibly abandoned ship, the U.S.S. Sulaco, recovered in orbit around LV-426. Players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the deserted craft to uncover the fate of the crew. They will have to fight to survive unspeakable horrors and their own anxieties as they chase down the truth behind a galaxy-spanning deception that places humanity at the mercy of the most murderous and deadly species in the universe. Aliens: Colonial Marines features authentic environments, such as the surface of LV-426 and Hadley’s Hope, weapons inspired by the film series and is designed to provide an exhilarating and engaging new chapter in the Aliens universe.
You can check out the extended CGI trailer "Contact" below, or check out our game page for various screenshots and videos.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is available for PC on Steam, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a Wii U version yet-to-be-dated.

aliens: colonial marinesfirst-person shootergearbox software
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:50pm 12/2/13
I noticed when I checked this morning, STILL no reviews available for it. That screams dodgy to me, embargo all the reviews until after the game has already come out so people will buy it uninformed? Never a good sign.
Posted 12:54pm 12/2/13
I noticed when I checked this morning, STILL no reviews available for it. That screams dodgy to me, embargo all the reviews until after the game has already come out so people will buy it uninformed? Never a good sign.


The long development cycle can't have helped, expectations are low.
Posted 01:24pm 12/2/13
I have seen a lot of mixed words online. From absolutely terrible to.. it aint too bad but not great.
Posted 01:45pm 12/2/13
Been playing it since Sunday (360), definitely not a AAA title. Give it a go if you are a big fan of Aliens, like myself, otherwise you won't be missing much if you skip it. This should have been something that was released in 5 or 6 years ago.
Posted 01:58pm 12/2/13
What are the graphics like? Also i'm interested in the PC version, but i won't buy it if it's a sloppy port. Just Saiyan..
Posted 02:03pm 12/2/13
Note to Sega:
You can't deliver a average/s***** experience and still price it at $80 anymore.
You're up against games delivering a polished, enjoyable experience yet priced at $20.
Posted 02:50pm 12/2/13
Graphics are average. Modern Warfare 1 had better graphics than this game. Only reason I would play this game is because it is apart of the Aliens franchise.
Posted 02:55pm 12/2/13
Yeah I cancelled my pre-order last week when hearing some early word. I might still buy it elsewhere for cheaper. But it did become apparent it was not worth 80bucks.
Posted 04:35pm 12/2/13
I always wonder about a release that doesn't pre release to the media at least a few days before retail release launches.... screams s*** game and remorse buy to me... yeah, i'm looking at you homeland
Posted 05:11pm 12/2/13
Most underwhelming and disappointing game ive played for a while, i would say they spent more money on the advertising and trailers than what they did on making the game.
Graphics look like dx9, very average by today's standard to the point where my two 670's under clock themselves to save power cause they dont need to run at full clock to render the game at full graphics (thats underclock from base clock not turbo clock). Character acting and dialog below average, sound below average to the point where there is little to no noise at all in some spots leaving it feeling very empty. Enemy AI is childish and predictable and enemy movement is similar to the original AVP.

I love the Alien franchise, but i would get a refund on this game if i could, i doubt i will even bother to finish it.
Posted 05:52pm 12/2/13
Maybe this will help you make up your minds
Posted 06:15pm 12/2/13
Still no reviews up on Metacritic, I wonder how long they're embargoed for?
Posted 06:27pm 12/2/13
well this is most surprising

no wait, the other thing.
Posted 07:12pm 12/2/13
duke nukem forever minus duke nukem
Posted 08:20pm 12/2/13
Posted 09:57pm 12/2/13
I smell a 50% off steam sale very soon.
Posted 10:37pm 12/2/13
hopefully this will shut randy pitchford up for a while.
Posted 11:11pm 12/2/13

yeah, looks awesome...
Posted 11:20pm 12/2/13
wow what a dud.

I think its greatest failing is making the xeno's into retarded cannon fodder rather than stealthy, ruthless killing machines.
Posted 11:44pm 12/2/13
Posted 11:47pm 12/2/13
The Spaceballs Gangnam Style really topped it off.
Posted 12:13am 13/2/13
Honestly, i don't think it's any worse than any of the other Aliens based game that have come out. It's not better or worse than any of the other shooters in recent years really. The graphics are half arsed, and the voice acting is piss poor, but even the "tripple a" shooters are just as s*** imo.

Is it sad the last FPS games i felt were good were half life and Killzone 2?
Posted 01:38am 13/2/13
So AvP1 (1999) is still the best Aliens game to exist? Remember s***ting bricks whenever I heard facehuggers.
Posted 02:01am 13/2/13
I am enjoying the game...it's certainly not game of the year material but has been good fun and I have not had any problems that I have seen others having.

I bought it on GreenManGaming for 27.95 around 3 months ago and bought the season pass the other day with their 10% plus a 25% off voucher for $20 and I feel I have got my money's worth out of it.

I certainly don't feel it deserves some of the harsh reviews out there...would give it a 6 or 7 out of 10, just my 2 cents.
Posted 02:09am 13/2/13
I certainly don't feel it deserves some of the harsh reviews out there

Its rocking a 47 average on metacritic at the moment so it seems to me like the harsh reviews aren't really an uncommon thing.
Posted 08:27am 13/2/13
Posted 01:27pm 13/2/13
i thought gearbox made this game, but they only made the multiplayer. some other developer made the single player. no wonder it's s***.
Posted 01:46pm 13/2/13
i thought gearbox made this game, but they only made the multiplayer. some other developer made the single player. no wonder it's s***.
Not true, they might want you to believe that, but the fact is that Gearbox was one of multiple companies that worked on the single player.

It seems that Gearbox's MO of late has been to buy up cancelled games that have already had a good amount of marketing, do minimal work to slap it together and then shove it out the door. It's doing some serious damage to their cred.
Posted 01:45pm 13/2/13
they still make some quality titles like borderlands.
Posted 01:48pm 13/2/13
Sure, they also made Brothers in Arms, but their recent penchant for easy money and marketing hyperbole is diluting the quality of the company's name. Borderlands 2 really wasn't all that, and its not like they've got much else going on right now.
Posted 05:14pm 13/2/13
Developers must be on crack.
Posted 05:19pm 13/2/13
I remember reading in a Game Informer ages ago they also have the licence to make a Heat game. f*** ><

I reckon they care about Borderlands, that's it, and I'm slightly worried everything else will be filler to prop them up between BL titles.
Posted 06:57pm 13/2/13
I think the best Aliens game to date was the Aliens Mod for Doom...
Posted 02:58am 14/2/13
The Alien IP does have potential but it seems it has not been realised again with this game. I would have a go on steam for <$10.
Posted 03:41am 14/2/13
i liked avp 1 and 2 they were alright single player games for their day. never played mp on them.
Posted 04:33am 14/2/13
Posted 06:20am 14/2/13
Related and worth watching.

Posted 09:45pm 16/2/13
Posted 10:43pm 16/2/13
Only just watched the trailer on the OP... music stolen straight from the movie Moon. lolz
Posted 10:52pm 16/2/13
Pretty big s*** storm happening on many sites regarding what the promotional videos and trailers showed compared to what we actually got. Especially damning is the E3 behind closed doors demo with Gearbox Randy Pitchford narrating which is way more atmospheric than the finished game.

Granted that was a year ago...but it was also shown at Pax NYC in October and all the trailers (up until release) and screenshots on the official site are taken from that video.

Here is a side by side comparison to the video and final ingame footage...

Reverend Evil
Posted 11:12pm 16/2/13
Definitely agree with Totalbiscuit. I've stopped buying games in advance now after being burned so many times doing the pre-order thing.
Posted 11:30pm 16/2/13
Another video from the escapist website talking about "that" demo followed by a couple of links from the escapist site the 1st an article written after an interview with Randy Pitchford regarding the games groundbreaking lighting tech and a follow up from the interviewer now we have the game and whether or not we have been lied too.



Natural Selection 2 dev “filled with sadness” over Aliens: Colonial Marines

Posted 04:10am 17/2/13
Trauma that was a awesome video im going to share that everywhere
Posted 12:34pm 17/2/13
Totalbiscuit has a good point, though he does sometimes go overboard on the ranty rants and keeps repeating himself. The video above & the one where he shredded The WarZ could have probably been half as long if he didn't ramble so much.
Posted 12:40pm 17/2/13
i was going to preorder tomb raider until i watched that TB vid :/
Posted 12:46pm 17/2/13
Yeah, I pretty much always wait for reviews these days, unless its a game I know I'm going to get anyway (like Heart of the Swarm for example).
Posted 03:23pm 17/2/13
South Park is my "wait for review before buying"

Well, that and I've aldready preordered Tomb Raider and Heart of the Swarm.. ;P
Posted 07:35pm 17/2/13
I pre-ordered Company of Heroes 2...not because of the stupid special skin thing but because I got it cheap. I would have liked to get some free FUTURE DLC instead of some exclusive skins for 2 tanks or some other crap like that.
Posted 11:49am 18/2/13
Just got my copy today from the comp Ausgamers ran, will be playing it tonight! As a diehard Alien fan, I'll still love it despite the reviews, as I loved the last AvP (the original game from 99 is still the best) even though the reviews were bad. Thanks Ausgamers for running the comp!
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