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Post by Eorl @ 10:41am 12/02/13 | 1 Comments
Paradox Interactive has today unveiled pre-order details for upcoming strategy game March of the Eagles, offering a 10% discount and a copy of "Sengoku", Paradox Interactive's character driven grand strategy game on the official website.
Lead one of the great powers or any of the minor nations of Europe through the eventful years of the Napoleonic Wars. Research new ideas to improve your military skills, seize the objective provinces to establish your dominance, and take down anyone that stands in your way. "March of the Eagles" is also a cutthroat multiplayer game for players of all skill levels, as alliances shift to whoever has the advantage while always keeping an eye on the balance of power.
Paradox has also revealed several new screenshots showing off the quite in-depth map overlay that players will find themselves fighting on, which you can find a glimpse of below or the full set at our game page.

March of the Eagles will be digitally available on February 18th for PC. You can find the pre-order page at the official website here.

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Posted 02:36pm 12/2/13
Looks a bit simpler and more streamlined than previous Paradox games.
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