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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:04pm 04/02/13 | 19 Comments
There's a lot of talk about the direction of the third Dead Space game, most involving changed gameplay mechanics, human enemies and, of course, co-op.

Having immersed himself in the Dead Space universe for the better part of the last few months for preview opportunities, AusGamers contributor, Naren Hooson, was a perfect fit to deal with this game's Unitolgy propaganda and come out unscathed (or at least turned), and he even brought with him new information on crafting weapons, dealing with snow-drenched terrain and playing nice with friends. Has the game really stood up against its predecessors though?

Read our review to find out.

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Latest Comments
Posted 07:17pm 04/2/13
Didnt read the review, just the bulletpoints but by the cons, they seem to have gone for less suspense, more noob friendly action. Always enjoyed the tension of dead space's limited ammo knowing i really needed to try and make most shots count. Hopefully a hardcore mod or fix will be available on PC. Havent yet played the latest hitman but isnt that also meant to be more noob friendly?

Also, first vid review im watching said no dark rooms, no need for flashlight - WTF.
Posted 07:22pm 04/2/13
There's still dark areas and the flashlight is needed at times for sure. There is definitely some shift to action but there are still some suspense moments. The action is more due to enemy behavoiur.
Posted 10:34pm 04/2/13
Seems to be a progression towards noob friendly games these days Dav0. Its a shame that a game like Dark Souls sells on its difficulty when back in the day it was common to play a game and get your ass handed to you often.
Posted 10:50pm 04/2/13
People, it's not noob friendly. The game is definitively more challenging than previous games. Necros are much more aggressive and they don't get stunned easily.

You need to choose the right weapons and use them well. This game needs DS1 + 2 player's experience!
Posted 10:53pm 04/2/13
How many times can you scare people the same way after fighting the same s*** for so long?
Seems to me like they realised they had to focus on giving some solid story to the game to make up for lack of frights that they'd never really be able to achieve as well as the first (and slightly the second)?

I played through the demo and look forward to it, although the first will always be my fav, for the above reasons.
Posted 10:53pm 04/2/13
Just because horror aspect is gone and the game is less suspense doesn't mean everything became too easy.
Posted 11:26pm 04/2/13
I found playing it on "hard" less challenging than the first two games. I'm keen to play in on the top difficulty though. There's definitely a shift in how the Necros are triggered and timed though, which shifted it a bit more towards action over horror.
Posted 12:42am 05/2/13
Sounds like its good, and worth playing, but I get the impression the franchise is kind of on a downward slope and becoming less Dead Space. I dunno why they added a cover mechanic, seems like a stupid and un-necessary addition. Although, if by 'active dive' you mean an evade type move, where you can dive to the side as something charges at you, then I'm glad they added that. Been playing Dead Space 2 lately and theres parts where I really miss having some kind of evade move. If some bigass necromorph is charging me down I want to stand my ground and blast away and dive out of the way at the last second.
Posted 12:53am 05/2/13
There is a slight shift away from classic horror Dead Space, still a great game though. The cover is pretty pointless, although the active dive can be useful, but it's not called for as much as I would have used it in Dead Space 2, so becomes a little redundant in this game.
Posted 02:13am 05/2/13
Actually, you don't have to mind the cover mechanic. It's close to not existing in the game because it doesn't have specialized system/animation like Gears of War or at least, Resident Evil 6.

Basically, you just walk behind any objects and Isaac will crouch automatically when you pull LT trigger. It doesn't feel uncomfortable fortunately.
Posted 12:04pm 11/2/13
where are you guys buying deadspace 3 from?

wish it was just on steam... h8 origin.
Posted 12:41pm 11/2/13
I went oldschool and ordered a physical copy from Ozgameshop
Posted 12:50pm 11/2/13
cheers khel. how long did it take to get delivered?
do you know if they are affected by chinese new year hols?
Posted 01:14pm 11/2/13
It was dispatched friday, I'd be expecting to get it maybe tomorrow based on delivery times previous times I've used them (usually 3 - 4 days or so). Dunno if chinese new year holidays affect them though
Posted 01:19pm 11/2/13
cools! thx for the reply m8. ordered :D
Posted 10:46am 16/2/13
I've put in a solid 10 hours and I only just hit the snow as issacc.... It's really really cool.
Posted 11:39am 16/2/13
I havent even played the 1st dead space yet. Does that make me chump material?
Posted 06:00pm 16/2/13
DS3 consists of "randomly spawn an enemy or two in front of you and 3 or 4 at your rear and flank".
It lacks horror and difficulty is roll your eyes and quit the game kind of cheap.
Posted 06:30pm 16/2/13
It lacks horror and difficulty is roll your eyes and quit the game kind of cheap.
Yep thats pretty much how im playing it.
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