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Post by Eorl @ 11:15am 01/02/13 | 9 Comments
S2 Games has officially unveiled the latest patch to free-to-play MOBA title Heroes of Newerth, bringing the game to version 3.0 for all. The latest patch brings with it not just a range of graphical updates but also various tweaks and changes including the addition of bots, guides and more.
New player experience is the key focus with the 3.0 update. Featuring an entirely revamped Walkthrough, first-time players will now be better prepared for battle in the world of Newerth. Players will also have access to the in-game Learnatorium, featuring a brand-new series of videos explaining the basics of gameplay as well as more advanced techniques.

“HoN is almost three years old now and we are continuing to invest and improve the game,” said Marc DeForest, CEO of S2 Games. “We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such a tremendous player base that’s helped to grow the game to where it is today. The 3.0 update is a serious step forward as we look towards a bright future in 2013.”
Various changes to the game include high-definition facelifts to majority of the heroes, the addition of AI bots and their open-source coding plus graphical and physical changes to the standard 5 v 5 Forests of Caldavar map. You can check out the latest dev bloger below for a glimpse at the new AI bot features, but also head over to the official website for more information.

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Latest Comments
Posted 11:29am 01/2/13
Yeah updated last night, really enjoying the updates with the graphics still prefer this game over DOTA 2 and LOL
Posted 11:32am 01/2/13
Same here, TiT, though I'm getting a bit annoyed at the sluggishness compared to DOTA 2 or LoL however that might just be my mouse settings.
Posted 03:29pm 01/2/13
All of them are coming out with big updates at the moment. I haven't played HON in ages. I recently gave LOL a shot. It's pretty easy and there are many breasts in your face all the time. Still, I find that Dota2 is far superior in many, many aspects.

It's good to see a lot of updates coming out from Dota/Lol/Hon. Can only mean more content for the customer.

I'm getting a bit annoyed at the sluggishness compared to DOTA 2

I think Dota2 has built in lag. Which is good and bad. I don't actually notice any sluggishness in the game and think it plays really fast and strong. I find Lol really sluggish though. The action seems a lot slower and less frequent that it does in Dota. Could be the skill brackets though?
Posted 03:48pm 01/2/13
Nah don't think skill brackets would influence mouse movements. I usually find DOTA 2 to be the most responsive out of the three, with LoL coming in second and HoN third though I'm going to tamper with the mouse settings tonight.

Out of the three, LoL is the most "fun" I've had simply because I don't have to worry as much about denying and I feel gameplay wise I'm doing a lot more and having a lot more action. DOTA 2 is definitely the most fun out of it and HoN though, especially with the courier UI being oh so much better. Plus it has some more interesting heroes, though I wish I could find someone like Olaf from LoL in DOTA 2 (melee that throws an axe to slow on hit and gains more damage lower health).
Posted 03:56pm 01/2/13
I usually find DOTA 2 to be the most responsive out of the three, with LoL coming in second and HoN third though I'm going to tamper with the mouse settings tonight.

Something is wrong with your computer.
Posted 04:09pm 01/2/13
I read your post wrong Eorl. My bad! Thought you said Dota2 was the least responsive/most sluggish.

Huskar is who you want to play as then Eorl. He sits in the carry/semi carry area. He throws spears (and flaming spears) can heal himself and can leap on enemies. The lower his health, the faster his attacks and higher his damage.
Posted 04:19pm 01/2/13
Yeh was about to recommend Huskar.

His attack doesn't snare but his ult does (its brutal) and has a low recast timer.
Posted 07:03pm 01/2/13
Even lower with scepter.
Posted 02:21pm 03/2/13
Hon is the most graphic out of all 3 (although I do prefer the dota 2 art style), not sure about LOL but hon is a hell of a lot more responsive than dota 2, so your computer is most likely lagging hence the sluggishness. Try dropping your graphic setting and or maybe taking off vsync.
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