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Post by Eorl @ 10:35am 30/01/13 | 20 Comments
EA has unveiled new details for upcoming Digital Deluxe Edition of the city building title SimCity, revealing various exclusives including three major world landmarks. While also including the landmarks, those purchasing the Deluxe Edition will find various new missions, achievements and also a variety of stylish buildings to help make your city stand out.
What do the Eiffel Tower, Bradenberg Gate and the Big Ben Clock Tower have in common? Besides being three of the world's most recognisable landmarks, they're also the three core components of the city sets that are available in the upcoming SimCity Digital Deluxe Edition, available exclusively on Origin on March 8. More than just window dressing, these three landmarks will influence and change your cities. Plop any of these three buildings and watch the surrounding buildings adapt and change to fit their style. Ever wanted to make your own city of lights? Plop down the Eiffel Tower and you've got your very ownSimCity version, all without leaving the comfort of your own home.
Check it out below for a glimpse at what to expect in the Digital Deluxe Edition.

SimCity will be available for PC on 7th March.

simcityeadigital deluxe edition
Buy now from Only AUD$14.49!
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Latest Comments
Posted 10:58am 30/1/13
Yeah the problem is Deluxe version is going for $99 on Origin!!!

Anyone found the game cheaper?
Posted 10:57am 30/1/13
$99 !

F** that s***
Posted 11:02am 30/1/13
How much is the Deluxe edition on Origin for US customers?

I wonder how much Big W will sell this SimCity for? Hopefully not much more than UK game stores.
Posted 12:23pm 30/1/13
Posted 12:28pm 30/1/13
You've linked to SimCity 4, this is the fifth game simply branded as "SimCity" because someone in marketing got a pat on the back for being Fast & Furious
Posted 12:36pm 30/1/13
haha so I'm not completely at fault.
Posted 12:39pm 30/1/13
Can't let the numbers get too high!
Posted 01:14pm 30/1/13
Origin Pricing -
deluxe - $79 for US customers, 99 for AU
limited - $59 for US customers, 79 for AU

When will this end.... :(

edit - here are some better prices from ozgameshop
Posted 01:15pm 30/1/13
yeah i remember when battlefield 3 came out i bought the russian one for the half the price :)

Also i wonder how much it will costs for DLC if you decide to buy the limited edition and want them later on
Posted 01:16pm 30/1/13
If you have an american address you can purchase the game from for US prices.
Posted 06:40pm 30/1/13
"The most anticipated game of 2013 for PC and Mac". So Apple computers aren't personal computers anymore?
Posted 06:45pm 30/1/13
"The most anticipated game of 2013 for PC and Mac". So Apple computers aren't personal computers anymore?

not since the apple marketing department made a line in the sand

that and the OS wont run most games
Posted 08:09pm 30/1/13
cant wait. prices do suck tho
Posted 01:40am 31/1/13
il wait until after they remove the DRM. Be it a year from now i dont care.
Posted 02:34am 31/1/13
They're not going to remove the DRM, it's not something just tacked on the top to try to stop people pirating the game, they've woven the always-on requirement into the gameplay (what with having a virtual global market, affecting neighbouring cities, being able to invite friends, etc.).

That's not to say it wouldn't be possible to play the fundamental gameplay minus the social/multiplayer aspects without being always online, but just like with Diablo 3 it wasn't designed to work like that and I'd say there's about as much chance of them changing their mind as Blizzard is with D3 (ie. none).
Posted 03:48am 31/1/13
Posted 08:36am 31/1/13
Time for a Fixah bulk buy special.
Posted 11:16am 31/1/13
i guess there would be some sort of crack that would let you disable DRM but i am not to concern about that i am angry at the price tag!
Posted 10:34am 01/2/13
UK Gamersgate seem to have decent prices.
40.45 pounds so just over $61AUD

Picked up a few Origin games from them.
Posted 11:02am 01/2/13
Simcity is at Ozgameshop for $56Au
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