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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 04:43pm 29/01/13 | 10 Comments
If we've learnt anything in the past few years, it's that gamers feel like they're an entitled bunch. Often their expectations are met with some form of reason, but in more recent times we've definitely seen a loud voice for the strange emerge in the developer request department.

The whole hubbub surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending, for example, split a community down the middle and had punters questioning creative freedom and player entitlement in massive, time-wasting conversations, but it was the more recent DmC: Devil May Cry petition addressed to US President Barack Obama that took the cake. So we've taken it upon ourselves to uncover the 10 strangest videogame petitions of all time.

Click here for the full list.

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Latest Comments
Posted 06:42pm 29/1/13
Haha, gold. imo the new dmc is up there with the first one.
You also forgot about the petition to bring back Timesplitters that's been floating around for years, figured that one woulda made it.
Posted 06:44pm 29/1/13
You also forgot about the petition to bring back Timesplitters that's been floating around for years, figured that one woulda made it.
There's nothing strange about that petition.
Posted 07:01pm 29/1/13
lul please, unfog those glasses, they aren't bringing it back.
Posted 07:27pm 29/1/13
That's mostly due to a lack of signatures. Cevat Yerli said in an interview the petition for a TimeSplitters HD collection would need about 300k signatures for it to be viable, and the petition currently has just under 75k signatures.
Posted 07:41pm 29/1/13
Am I reading cracked?
Posted 11:29pm 29/1/13
Haha great read guys. Awesome
Posted 04:43pm 30/1/13
I will always think the ME3 ending was terrible and leaves me with out hope for the next Mass Effect game series. I also do not like cell shaded Zelda games. I must be absurd and have mental health issues.
Posted 05:56pm 30/1/13
The most delusional thing about these sorts of things is that often the people making the argument are convinced they speak for the majority when in reality they maybe speak for a fraction of a percent of the userbase. See it on the WoW forums all the time too, people getting angry at Blizzard and demanding some feature be changed because "Everybody hates it and nobody wants it to be like that!"
Posted 07:39pm 30/1/13
The most crazy thing i read on blizzard forums this week was a guy saying that blizzard ruined sc2 by making your first 6 probes mine at the beginning of a HotS game.

Because that's where the line is. Exactly there. That the first 1 second decides who is, and isn't noob.
Posted 12:54am 31/1/13
but have gamers earnt the right to demand what they want out of a developer's vision because they've invested in that vision?
Gamers are the ones playing the games, I don't think they should so much demand certain features but more give the devs an idea of what they want in a game, rather than devs just giving us the same old s*** like with the modern warfare series and this bulls*** about just being able to shut off certain features remotely without any warning. In the end though, the devs are making the game so if you don't like the "features" they put in or how the story progresses, then don't buy it.
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