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Post by Dan @ 12:04pm 25/01/13 | 27 Comments
SEGA and Gearbox Software have pushed out a new trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines --their upcoming, cooperative-focused Xenomorph shooting gallery-- showing off some more space soldiers doing battle with the iconic extra-terrestrials.

Today's clip features some corny drill sergeant-style dialogue, and a rather ill-fitting dubstep backing track, but there are some new gameplay snippets worth catching, a bit more power-loader action to finish with. Check it out below.

Aliens: Colonial Marines is due on February 12th 2013, on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with a Wii U version yet-to-be-dated.

aliens colonial marinestrailersegagearbox software
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:20pm 25/1/13
Why does this look so terrible? >_
Posted 12:18pm 25/1/13
Well, think I can safely give that one a miss
Posted 12:22pm 25/1/13
It has drop-in/out coop so am hoping it will be good fun with 4 players, but after watching that I'd rather just play borderlands 2 for my coop kicks.
It reminds me of Duke forever, s***** half-baked game selling on its name alone.
I get the feeling Gearbox aren't really interested in much more than Borderlands, and these gigs just pass the time between them.
Posted 12:28pm 25/1/13
Wow, shooting gameplay looked terribad.

Also, coop. :( Another game that will be s*** to play solo.
Posted 12:37pm 25/1/13
which horrible f*****g d grade wrestler did they ploy with half a cheese sandwich to do that voice over?
Posted 01:09pm 25/1/13
Left 4 Aliens
Posted 02:33pm 25/1/13
I was *this* close to watching it, you know
Posted 02:44pm 25/1/13
"and remember we're not just fighting for the human race, were fighting to see who can make the baddest f**** aliens reboot in the universe."
Posted 03:24pm 25/1/13
That voice over was terribad!
Posted 03:28pm 25/1/13
"cooperative-focused Xenomorph "

Wait what? So I need mates on steam to have this to actually play it? Or what exactly?
Posted 03:35pm 25/1/13
whenever i hear s***** commercial dubstep i think of this clip & chuckle :p

Posted 04:30pm 25/1/13
rofl at that video, demon
stolen like a fox
Posted 04:41pm 25/1/13
That whole thing was f*****g terrible
Posted 05:22pm 25/1/13
Wow. All I can think of is this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vhe3vSe-mmw
Posted 07:16pm 25/1/13
RPS did a funny article about this today:
The latest trailer for Aliens: Colonial Marines has the worst – and I mean the worst – voiceover script I have ever heard.
Turns out, even the games writer disowned that s***.

Posted 08:09pm 25/1/13
Man I kinda hoped this game would have some cool L4D style versus multiplayer.

Wish for L4D3
Posted 08:54pm 25/1/13
Hah, that looks like s***.
Posted 09:31pm 25/1/13
Man I kinda hoped this game would have some cool L4D style versus multiplayer.

Wish for L4D3
There's something similar:
Posted 10:07pm 25/1/13
Haha, somebody at the Sega PR department likely just got their bum kicked hard for that voiceover.
Posted 11:16pm 25/1/13
Jesus, that dialogue was f*****g terrible. Good to hear that it's not actually in the game though. F***, what a downer.
Posted 11:52pm 25/1/13
try reading the thread mantorok...

I'll never understand a potential buyer that is swayed by some retarded voiced over cgi trailer, or the kind of trailer this thread is based on (but done better i guess), or the black ops 2 live action trailers.

That aliens vs marines mode video got me more interested in this game because I got to see the game... I really don't understand the common man.
Posted 11:49pm 25/1/13
There's something similar:

Looks exactly like what I am interested in but I will wait to see that it isn't a pile of s***.
Posted 12:16am 26/1/13
try reading the thread mantorok...
I linked a different RPS article.
Posted 02:04am 26/1/13
well don't i look like a f*****g stupid a*******. my apologies. :/
Posted 10:55am 26/1/13
Compare and discuss:

Posted 04:15pm 26/1/13
one is a multiplayer shooter and one is a co-op/single player shooter with tacked on multi as required by all games today?

edit: how is ns2 going in Australia these days? any good communities/servers that are frequented by competent players/commanders so its actually fun?
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