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Post by Dan @ 06:48am 23/01/13 | 25 Comments
Bethesda and developer Zenimax Online have announced an upcoming public beta-test period for their MMO The Elder Scrolls Online, encouraging interesting players to register interest now over at elderscrollsonline.com, as well as dropping a new cinematic trailer in our laps.

Titled "The Alliances" the fancy live action cinematic trailer features the game's three factional alliances, the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, and Ebonheart Pact, all launching individual assaults on Cyrodil's Imperial City, and winding up in a final showdown against each other. Check it out below (or here in our HD video library).

A launch date for the beta test has not been specified, but the game is still due for a 2013 release on PC.

the elder scrolls onlinezenimax onlinebethesdatrailer
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Latest Comments
Posted 09:51am 23/1/13
that's definately impressive, though the battle didn't seem to make much sense other than "let's just add alot of unconnected flashy fight scenes". so many mmo's have come and dropped down to free to play since wow, so still not convinced of the longevity of this
Posted 09:53am 23/1/13
I want to be excited, but yet another fantasy MMO will probably be another somewhat average contender.
Posted 10:00am 23/1/13
Awesome trailer. Too much shakycam in combat scenes. Also weren't the three dudes at the end all trying to break into the same building, then it looked like they were going to be fighting at the end?
Nerf Lord
Posted 10:12am 23/1/13
I think that it was meant to symbolize that there are 3 factions trying to take control of the central territory, unsure if that was a 4th that they were fighting against.

Cinematic was ok, but has so little to do with the actual game that I no longer get any excitement from them.
Posted 10:14am 23/1/13
cinematic trailer looks awesome but i rekn that's to be expected of bethesda.
i have zero interest in pay/month game models though.
Posted 10:17am 23/1/13
Yeah, the Imperial City is the centre of power in the land, and is held by a fourth faction of Imperials who have gotten cosy with the Daedra demon-types, which is why there's undead werewolves roaming the undergrounds there.

The heroes in the vid are reps of each of the other three factions who each think they should be the rightful residents of the city.
Nerf Lord
Posted 10:24am 23/1/13
I take it that the gold & black is the thalmor, and the vikings are the nords, but who the hell is the other elf then? Is this pre-morrowind's elves being changed? edit: Nevermind, female is the thalmor, black & gold guy is human.

Also just noticed on rewatch that only the female character is wearing completely unprotected bare thighs, heh, they couldn't escape the MMO tropes.
Posted 10:25am 23/1/13
Still not sure on this, barely any gameplay has been shown and its expected for a 2013 release which has me sitting uncomfortably. MMO's need a lot of content to be interesting, otherwise people burn out and it crashes to the ground a.k.a Age of Conan, and I have yet to see a substantial amount.

The initial problems I could see for it are whether it's choosing pay-to-play or buy-to-play, how much end-game content there will be, PvP focus, PvE focus, class balancing, how the game actually feels and whether it will be a dull "go here talk to this person run back." I want to get excited because it could be potentially interesting with Elder Scrolls lore and style, but still being cautious.
Posted 10:48am 23/1/13
Finally an MMO with 3 factions instead of the boring old 2. Certainly adds a bit more to PVP etc.
Posted 11:10am 23/1/13
This doesn't interest me in the slightest. I'm sure it's been said before, but what I loved about the ES games was it being an epic single player story. I can't even get in to it enough to sign up for the beta. While I'm all for exploring new things with an IP, some games are better suited to being a single player experience. Well that's my 2cents anyway.

Does anyone know if this means the end of single player focused Elder Scrolls games, ala the end of the Warcraft rts with WoW?
Posted 11:15am 23/1/13
I shudder to think how horrendously buggy this is going to be, I mean, Bethesda has enough problems with QA when they're just making single player games.
Posted 11:19am 23/1/13
Nerf, the first group is Ebonheart Pact, lead by a Nord (human race) flanked by Dunmer (Dark Elves), Argonians are also in that faction, but not shown in the clip.

The second group is Aldmeri Domninion, lead by an Altmer (High Elf) mage and flanked by Bosmer (Wood Elves), Khajit are also in that faction, but not in the vid.

The third group is Dagerfall Covenant, lead by a Breton (human race) rogue, flanked by Redguard, Orsimer (Orcs) are aslo in that faction but not shown.

The common enemy are the Imperials (human race).
Posted 11:23am 23/1/13
Don't believe so Carson, this is made by Zenimax Online Studios, with the help of Bethesda for lore and placing etc. With how well Skyrim did I doubt Bethesda would be silly enough to stop making single-player titles.
Posted 12:50pm 23/1/13

Finally an MMO with 3 factions instead of the boring old 2. Certainly adds a bit more to PVP etc.

considering matt firor is in charge, i'm hoping the PVP will be similar to DAOC.
Posted 12:58pm 23/1/13
They are still making single player elder scrolls. I saw a survey somewhere where they were getting ideas, I think job options were in a heap of questions and farming and piracy were getting lots of positives.

What I was hoping for was like the single player but instead of companions your friends could take their place.
Posted 01:01pm 23/1/13
Trailer wasn't exactly inspiring but I am still turbo frothing on this game!

There is a bit of in game footage in this clip for those who are interested:

Posted 02:38pm 23/1/13
Just signed up with "Excellent" chance of getting a key, I'll keep you guys appraised on what I can, if I get in, after the NDA goes away lol.
Posted 03:32pm 23/1/13
considering matt firor is in charge, i'm hoping the PVP will be similar to DAOC.

I've just gone from "I could not give any less of a f*** about this game" to "tentatively excited". Thanks for this.
Posted 06:42pm 23/1/13
Just signed up. Been waiting for a decent mmorpg game to play for a while now.
Posted 09:54pm 23/1/13
Signed up with an "excellent" chance of getting in. Fingers crossed.
Reverend Evil
Posted 10:01pm 23/1/13
Hmm. That trailer didn't do anything for me. I think it went for too long and just dragged out too much.
Posted 10:32pm 23/1/13
if it was WoW you would be drooling all over it.
Posted 10:55pm 23/1/13
If it had pandas you mean
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:37pm 23/1/13
if it was WoW you would be drooling all over it

If it was your c*** I'd be drooling all over it you savage bastard!!
Posted 02:51pm 24/1/13
If it was your c*** I'd be drooling all over it you savage bastard!!

d*** pun joke is this way
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