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Post by Eorl @ 10:54am 18/01/13 | 18 Comments
DayZ creator Dean Hall has revealed through a recent Ask Me Anything (thanks Shack News) on the DayZ Reddit that he is "angry about the War Z", stating that the recent controversy surrounding the zombie title has caused confusion between the two products with individuals believing that The War Z was the currently in-production DayZ Standalone.

Hall also mentions that while "the average gamer knows the difference individual people don't", revealing that the creator has been undergoing criticism from family and friends mistaking the difference and confronting him about the unethical decisions.
I really don't think anyone can understand just quite how exasperated that can make you feel when you've gambled everything on something, put your whole self and reputation on the line. So it hasn't made my life very pleasant and I disagree entirely with the conduct and how consumers have been treated.
Previously The War Z was pulled off Steam shortly after going on sale, with claims that the store page was misleading and referring to non-existent gameplay mechanics. The game has since been kept off the store, with no outlook as to when and if it will ever be back.

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Latest Comments
Posted 12:32pm 18/1/13
I would be pissed too. Even some of my gamer friends who stay somewhat up to date with the news assumed that The War Z was the standalone.

I knew as soon as The War Z was announced they where aiming to get people to play through the confusion.
Posted 01:02pm 18/1/13
They can't have been too up to date, carson.

It took just looking at the name, noticing it wasn't "DayZ" and thinking "huh, I wonder what that's about".

Then I looked it up and in under 5 minutes found the forums and a bunch of "info" on it.
Posted 01:35pm 18/1/13
Carsons right, i was under the assumption for ages that DayZ was the "warZ" Stand alone game
Posted 01:36pm 18/1/13
I assumed War Z was a game adaptation of World War Z
Posted 01:37pm 18/1/13
+1 Carson

game is s***e, devs are scumbags
Posted 01:55pm 18/1/13
They can't have been too up to date, carson.It took just looking at the name, noticing it wasn't "DayZ" and thinking "huh, I wonder what that's about".Then I looked it up and in under 5 minutes found the forums and a bunch of "info" on it.

I should have said, "somewhat up to date with gaming news in general". They keep up to date with releases and just general news, but don't go that extra little bit that others, such as myself, do.

They knew that a DayZ standalone was coming out, and thought it was The War Z. My suspicions are first where that they named it this to ride on the coattails of DayZ's success, and with all the s*** drama over the last couple months it's clear that was their intention.

Especially given the Steam release (however brief) it would seem like it was a legit game and out for release.

I think once the DayZ standalone is out however, Rocket and his team will see the kinda of success they deserve. If they follow the Minecraft model, I sure as hell will be getting it right off the bat. The only thing that's been disappointing about Minecraft was the long promised (and long delayed) mod API. The devs has been really cool about support and everything else.
Posted 02:33pm 18/1/13
When I first saw the WarZ on the internet I knew that it wasn't DayZ but it immediately reminded me of those mockbuster films, like the ones that The Asylum makes. They name their direct to DVD stuff very similar to huge blockbusters that are being released around the same time so that people in a store or online look at it and go "oh its out on DVD already!" The most recent one that came out actually stirred some controversy: the blockbuster was "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" and the asylum film was "Age of the Hobbits". I can't possibly imagine that those developers of WarZ were not thinking of this as a money making factor. For some comparison, DayZ is a free mod. The WarZ costs money.
Posted 04:49pm 18/1/13
Gotta say this never crossed my mind as a thing that could happen, but then again I could spot a Real Virtuality engine screen shot from a mile. War Z obviously looks a lot different.
Posted 01:14pm 19/1/13
Warz 200+servers and all with people on them...yeah this games is rubbish lol
Posted 01:21pm 19/1/13
Carsons right, i was under the assumption for ages that DayZ was the "warZ" Stand alone game

I thought it was another s*** zombie movie, I figured Day Z "standalone" would have kept the Day Z name.
Nerf Lord
Posted 01:30pm 19/1/13
I still can't tell which is which when reading the names, his only hope now may be to rename his title.
Posted 01:42pm 19/1/13
I guess its the danger of having such a simple name, not like you can copyright the letter Z, unless maybe you're sesame street.
Posted 01:45pm 19/1/13
Let Apple's lawyers at it, they'll soon patent the letter Z, they can just throw it in there with their letter I copyright.
Posted 02:25pm 19/1/13
If you got suckered by WarZ thinking it was the DayZ stand alone then you deserve it.

Chances are you didnt do your research. Sucks you bought a s*** game but if you are happy to splash $15 or whatever it was on a game without being pretty damn sure of it, then you have yourself to blame. And if $15 is f*** all to you, then why complain about a s***** ass $15 game. I have no doubt the WarZ people tried to trick people into buying their game thinking it was the DayZ stand alone but when the steam page doesnt have DayZ plastered all over it, then it should ring some warning bells that maybe this isnt actually what you think it is.
Posted 10:36pm 19/1/13
still waiting for a decent stand alone.. good game genre
Posted 12:49am 21/1/13
God I'm sick of people saying "you didn't do your research" as some kind of half-baked excuse for unethical people releasing substandard products or just generally conducting themselves dishonestly.

Buying a f*****g video game should not require a background check. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the industry to adhere to an ethical standard of behaviour and quality.

I'm not saying its a realistic goal, but there is nothing wrong with striving for it.

As for the original subject, as if we needed yet another reason to hate that toad Sergei Titov.
Posted 04:40am 21/1/13
I still know what what DaZ or WarZ and the difference is, anyone care to give the gist?
Nerf Lord
Posted 06:22am 21/1/13
I still know what what DaZ or WarZ and the difference is, anyone care to give the gist?

One is an official release being built out of a popular mod in a new engine, the other is a very similar game with a similar name which had a lot of drama for advertising features which weren't in the game yet.

For the life of me, I can't remember which is which.
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