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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 10:28am 14/01/13 | 12 Comments
Rumour and speculation are all we've had to go on as far as the continuation of Rocksteady's Batman Arkham series, but a recent registering of myriad "Arkham" domains might finally be putting some momentum behind the acclaimed series' run.

While last we heard Rocksteady were slated to handle a Justice League game set in the Silver Age, the domain name registrations hopefully put the series back in the competent developer's hands, though there's nothing suggesting any of these are even specifically related to videogames.

Here's the list (thanks Joystiq):
  • Arkham Universe -
  • Batman: Arkham Universe -
  • Batman: Arkham Arises -
  • Batman: Arkham Begins -
  • Batman: Arkham Dark Knight -
  • Batman: Arkham Knight -
  • Batman: Arkham Legend -
  • Batman: Arkham Legends -
  • Batman: Arkham Night -
  • Batman: Arkham Origins -
  • Batman: Arkham Stories -
  • Dark Knight Arkham -
  • DC Arkham Universe -
  • DC Arkhamverse -
  • The Arkham Universe -
Interestingly absent from the list is "Arkham World" the actual term teased by thugs in Batman: Arkham City and part of a joke the Joker hinted at at 2011's Spike TV VGAs. Hopefully this is the beginning of an official push for a third game in the series though, as its ending with Arkham City, and the countless expanded universe character teases left far more questions and plot points unanswered than answered.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:41am 14/1/13
Both of those Batman games where some of the best games I've played. I would love a third instalment. So much to explore with Harley and Batman. Would also love to see more Nightwing and Robin.
Posted 12:44pm 14/1/13
i would love some co-op.

it will be a difficult game for them to pull off especially since certain bad guys were killed off.
Posted 02:27pm 14/1/13
it will be a difficult game for them to pull off especially since certain bad guys were killed off.

lol, like thats ever stopped comic book characters from making some kind of evil return :P
Posted 02:57pm 14/1/13
I don't think co-op would suit this game at all.

Given the plethora of other awesome Batman villains that inhabit the DCU, they have plenty more to explore.
Posted 03:23pm 14/1/13
lol, like thats ever stopped comic book characters from making some kind of evil return :P

i guess they could dump them all in the lazarus pit.
Steve Farrelly
Posted 03:48pm 14/1/13
given they've played with Ras and Talia, I'd say that's a pretty solid bet if a third game is actually made
Posted 03:51pm 14/1/13
The only real major one they killed was the Joker (f*** spoiler tags, games been out for over a year now). And I guess Hugo Strange, but he was pretty played out already and wont be missed.

I mean, its not like an Al Ghul is ever really dead when they have lazarus pits on hand.
Posted 03:59pm 14/1/13
I've made a life decision that I think is very wise. If ever Batman appears in my City, I'm quitting my job and moving out. Right away. F*** that s***.
Posted 04:21pm 14/1/13
Surely im no the only one who thinks Batman: Arkham Universe is a stupid name. I dont think there needs to be another "prison" situation again. Just do a Batman: Gotham City for next gen thanks
Posted 05:28pm 14/1/13
I hate it when people say co-op wouldn't suit things because every game should have co-op.
Posted 07:07pm 14/1/13
Been heaps of rumours that Rocksteady could be doing other hero titles, but I would love to see more Batman. Arkham Asylum and City are one of my most favourite hero games, everything was just done perfectly and felt very solid. They just got the feel of Batman to the t, and that is probably what I love the most.

Also Batman, I mean it is Batman.
Posted 07:57pm 14/1/13
arkham city was fantastic. they need to keep making this series.
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