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Post by Eorl @ 11:33am 10/01/13 | 6 Comments
En Masse Entertainment has today revealed that their recent action MMO TERA will be transitioning to a free-to-play model in February, allowing players to access the full game without a subscription. The change will see standard free players able to access the entire game with no level cap or content restrictions, however those looking to upgrade their status can do so through additional payments.
With TERA: Rising, we created a fresh, action-oriented play style that is centered around allowing players to take control of their actions on the battlefield,” said Chris Lee, CEO of En Masse Entertainment. “We feel the time has come to offer the same level of control in how they invest in the world of TERA, so we are offering a tiered approach that includes a compelling free option, to accessing the game.”
En Masse Entertainment has also announced that new content will be making its way to the game in celebration of the transition, which will include a wave-based dungeon and a PvP battleground map.
The multi-stage Crucible of Flame dungeon challenges players with a series of epic, high-level battles culminating with a new boss fight against the immense Cyclops. This dungeon offers varying rewards based on performance. Additionally, more competitive players can take off in Champions’ Skyring, an all-new three-versus-three PvP battleground with some of TERA’s best PvP gear at stake.
For more information on the new free-to-play change you can check out the official website, however you can check out the announcement video below for a brief overview.

en masse entertainmentterafree-to-play
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Latest Comments
Posted 12:08pm 10/1/13
No surprises there, really. I might give it a go now.
Posted 07:27pm 10/1/13
^ this
Posted 09:05pm 10/1/13
Midda, it's fun, but chances are you'll end up raging out because of the lag :(

I REALLY wanted to love this game, but it involves active dodging attacks that can basically 2 shot you, but you can dodge and still be hit halfway through the animation with Aussie latency -_-

If they had an Aussie server, I'd be all over it like flies on s***.
Posted 09:22pm 10/1/13
Yeah, I suspect the lag would be a big issue for us. Still, it's going to be free, so no harm in trying.
Posted 10:05pm 10/1/13
That's one of the reason why I ended up quitting before my month was out, the lag was just atrocious for Australian players. For combat, think Guild Wars 2 but more dependent on moving around as enemies hit for a lot of damage. If you successfully dodge though all damage is negated but over here in Australia dodging means thinking at least 20 seconds ahead.

It is one thing that has irked me in Guild Wars 2, compared to TERA the lag is almost non-existent unless I'm fighting in PvP. So either TERA has bad networking or Guild Wars 2 is made of magic.
Posted 09:49am 11/1/13
has there been any official correspondence about making it suck less for Aussies?

Plans for Aussie server? or have they confirmed they're not doing it?
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