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Post by Eorl @ 12:19pm 18/12/12 | 37 Comments
Developer Hammerpoint Interactive has today revealed that the controversial zombie survival MMO The War Z is now available for purchase on Steam, shambling its way out of beta into "Foundation Release". While the beta was quite short lived for its purpose, it seems the new client release has a few of the features described on the Steam page, however it is lacking a majority such as the "dozen of available skills", a working Hardcore mode, a map that is actually bigger then 75 square kilometers and the 100 player cap on servers (currently at 50) which is of concern to many purchasing the title.
The War Z is a Survival Horror MMO that immerses players in a zombie-infested, post-apcalyptic world in which a viral outbreak has decimated the human population leaving in its wake, a nightmare of epic proportion. A Huge Persistent World: The War Z is an open world game. Each world has areas between 100 to 400 square kilometers.
For those interested, there are three packages to purchase with each one giving you complete access to the game however two of the packages offer an amount of "Gold Credits". The prices range from $13.49 for the basic package through to $44.99 for the high-end pacakge, with prices being discounted to celebrate the launch.

According to a forum post on the official website (thanks PC Gamer), players can expect new features in the coming weeks including support for clans, friends, leaderboard, private servers and more. Executive Producer Sergey Titov also revealed that a new anti-hack system has been put into place after a quite high amount of hacking had been plaguing the alpha and beta release clients, however no word on how effective it is. Vehicles were also teased at with an expected January or February 2013 release. The post also mentioned that a system is being investigated into allowing players to link existing accounts to the Steam release.

The War Z Foundation Release is available only for PC and is available for purchase via Steam or the official website.

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Latest Comments
Posted 02:57pm 18/12/12
What do 'Gold Credits' do?
Posted 03:01pm 18/12/12
Such a terrible game even for Alpha/Beta, Devs seem to have no clue and there have been numerous cases of them perma banning anyone who reports hackers or makes criticism of it's glaring problems and speaking of hackers this "game" is goddamn full of them I really regret getting this :(

It's basically a glorified player hunt game not a survival game the zombies are pathetically easy to kill and you can't even climp up objects there is basically no PvE options in this game and they say that each world has between 100-400km BUT the majority of that is impassable mountains or lakes (which you can't swim in)

Just a friendly warning to anyone who was thinking of wasting money on this (I wish I didn't) I'm currently awaiting DayZ standalone in January
Posted 03:06pm 18/12/12
Gold credits buy things in their market (pay to win situation) Which it is because majority of the items NEVER appear ingame
Posted 03:25pm 18/12/12
Well...this seems terrible. Pay to win for the loss :(
Posted 03:33pm 18/12/12
What's funny is they keep saying it isn't pay to win..yet they sell nearly all the melee weapons and weapon attachments and night vision Exclusively with their gold coin bulls*** it's f*****g pathetic
Posted 03:44pm 18/12/12
I'm shocked it made it to steam.
Posted 04:54pm 18/12/12
I'm shocked it made it to steam.

All about the moolah
Posted 08:38pm 18/12/12
Thanks Toxus! appreciate it
Posted 08:59pm 18/12/12
Not sure what you're on about, Toxus. Last I checked, most of the "important" stuff (NVG's for example) were actually in-game cash you get from zombie drops, not gold.

And also it's not pay to win at all. All the melee weapons are usually found within 5 minutes (and you start with them).

The attachments are mostly buyable with in-game money bar a single red-dot (kobra) which isn't really any better than iron sights anyways.

You can drop anything you buy with cash as well, so it's not pay to win, it's pay to get something with less time spent.
Posted 09:02pm 18/12/12
Everything that is in the store can be found in game...I don't know where these claims that you can't come from...and this game does have a lot of bad press and negativity on the forums. However how is their cash shop any different to any other cash shop in any other games...I don't get it you can buy the melee items in the store if you like or you can find them in game.

I have never bought anything with real money and have found pretty much everything that is in the store plus guns that are not sold in store.

The game is no where near perfect but for the $15 I paid I have got my monies worth out of it. There seems to be a whole "Holden" vs. "Ford" thing going on with this game and DayZ, both have had their problems with hacks and bugs and PVP over actual survival from zombies.

As a gamer having played WarZ and DayZ, I hope both games do well and improve over time.
Posted 02:26am 19/12/12
Borg, it's probably just people listening to trolls instead of looking for themselves.

I mean, how many people were claiming it was a scam even after people were already PLAYING the f*****g game lol.

LOTS. That's how many.
Posted 04:18am 19/12/12
Whoever the contributor that posted this rubbish is needs to be banned from posting on Ausgames.

I'm not going to go into the details, read the steam forums if you like or the above linked reddit thread, or any other of the 100s of sites on the internet explaining why this is a waste of money.

Suffice to say that this damage-control-esque press release of a post does a disservice to anyone browsing who is foolish enough to impulse buy without doing their own investigating (i.e. their target audience).
Posted 06:40am 19/12/12
Haha TB hates it and calls it out for what it it is.

Posted 09:38am 19/12/12
Screw midday soapies for drama. This is primo stuff right here.

If there is one thing that WarZ is doing well in, it's bringing attention to the quality control of products that get on steam, and how valve may need to be a bit more stringent on what does and does not get on their service.
Posted 06:49pm 19/12/12
Posted 07:37pm 19/12/12
Maybe TB needed one of the WarZ devs to hold his hand through his play through of his video like he did when he had Dean "Rocket" Hall help him with his DayZ video.

I mean dear god I thought I sucked at playing the game I now realize I am apparently a gaming god compared to TB in the WarZ. The game is far from perfect and by no means a great game nor is it anywhere near the worst game I have played. It may turn out to be a total flop but it just seems to be the cool thing to do to heap s*** on this game.

Some of the comments really make me laugh...DayZ and WarZ are almost identical in gameplay however one is cool and exciting the other is boring...yet both play out almost the same.

DayZ is a free mod...yeah sure if you own Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead which most people who took up DayZ did not own so there was a cost, yet most haters just choose to ignore this fact. I loved TB going down the incline and taking damage...yes it should NOT happen as it is a bug yet he continually does it...most people learn after the 1st time to not go down any hills like he did. DayZ you can take damage going through doorways...breaking your legs...how is it any different...lol

Plus it is a $15 game not a triple A title...yes you can spend more on it...but you don't have to.

Seems to be cool to pick up your torch and pitchfork to bad mouth the game yet most who do have never even played the game they just read post on forums and join in on the hating with no basis other than other peoples opinions who probably have never played the game either....lol
Posted 08:45pm 19/12/12
way to miss the point, guy. it turns out that fraudulently supplying a product that is not representative of that offered is okay so long as you're not making too much money off the customers you're misleading.

neither eorl or any other ausgamers mods commented in the last thread where these and some other issues were brought up. given the nature of the news posts, I take it they are the result of an existing commercial arrangement?
Posted 09:04pm 19/12/12
can you sell your account? I have account with 7000 gold which i am willing to sell... i think i bought the best pack when it was beta
Posted 09:06pm 19/12/12
The devs are too busy counting their phat stacks to do a vid with TB.
Posted 09:17pm 19/12/12
Neither eorl or any other ausgamers mods commented in the last thread where these and some other issues were brought up. given the nature of the news posts, I take it they are the result of an existing commercial arrangement?
Far from it actually. I just like to stay out of these things when they blow up and wait for situations to be more clear for better reporting.

My current view on this whole debacle is that the developers (Hammerpoint) have acted quite sly and at some points you have to question the motives (especially the now four hour long respawns with chance to buy a respawn for real money). Personally, I've played The War Z when it was first made available, quite liked it but felt it was definitely not worth the money nor could I see any progress being made that would make me interested again. I proceeded to try and get a refund through them, however I had to seek repayments through my bank after several emails that were left unanswered.

Is The War Z a good game? Some would say yes, some would say no. It really is up to personal taste, something that DayZ and Dean Hall found out as well. Are the developers questionable? Some of their more concerning choices are indeed on the verge of fraud. I simply report the news, and will place my opinion where I deem it necessary and obviously at a professional level. The War Z was placed on Steam and as such I reported on it. A number of people have found it isn't quite up to what the store page said and as such are angry which I can understand.
Posted 11:10pm 19/12/12
I simply report the news,
Yep, the news these days is simply cut and pasting press releases, maybe reddit/twitter if you feel like looking for the story. (this applies pretty much everywhere)
Posted 11:32pm 19/12/12
I gotta say I have been reading a lot of the anti hype but took it as a weird form of fanboyism, but then i watched that TB video and started thinking "wow this game does look like boring s***", then i watched a few more videos and well.. yep.. If i was making a purchased based off reviews (which i almost always do these days) I wouldn't buy the game.
Posted 12:23am 20/12/12
lol I thought the lowest point of the TB video would have been at 12:00 when he got killed by a bugged out floating backpack.
That was until I watched the rest of the video and there was absolutely nothing else, except when he lost the spiked bat he paid for through microtransactions. The backpack ended up being the highlight. Seems like a very sad game.
Posted 12:30am 20/12/12

Posted 12:49am 20/12/12
lol nice find fpot, that seems to put everything into perspective
Posted 01:00am 20/12/12
it's bringing attention to the quality control of products that get on steam, and how valve may need to be a bit more stringent on what does and does not get on their service.

Come on. I really CBF seeing if the claims on steam made by the game devs are true or not but im guessing that steam just copies + paste what the devs provide. If the game is proven to be misleading, then im sure the devs or steam will take the necessary steps.

Im sure valve readily accepted war z as there was probably plenty of cash involved. I work in a big ass pharmacy chain. We get forced allocations of stock that are negotiated by head office. Head office agrees that every store will pay $X for Y units of stock (number of stock varies according to store size), and head office gets paid $Z from the company for the service provided. So even if the product is total rubbish, either head office doesnt know or doesnt care and they believe it will sell and is in the best interest of the brand. Dunno if that made sense or not but to me, its a similar situation to valve and war z. Until valve has a solid reason not to sell the game, they will continue selling it as they probably got paid a lump sum for the acceptance, and a percentage thereafter. And its all about the $$$.
Posted 02:18am 20/12/12
well obviously but until now this hasn't been an issue for any game released on steam that I can think of, especially not one that has topped sales.

I'm not disagreeing with your example because that kind of thing is widely practised and definitely treads a very fine line; arguably more so for a pharmacy given it largely provides necessary versus luxury goods as well as the implied trust through its medical association.

valve has worked pretty hard to turn steam into the functional yet profitable platform it is today (remember when everyone called it ream?) and it certainly hasn't achieved that by making a quick buck with little regard for its users.

eorl, I was just referring to the way the post only provided obviously press released material; features (ahem) and pricing. while it has definitely been a well publicised game, I would hardly place it on the same level of the mostly AAA titles ausgamers reports on.

my feelings on cod etc aside, those sort of games would be an obvious news omission because they are a major release and people are going to buy them regardless of quality or what you say.

yet in this case, contrary to the amount of negative coverage war z has received from bandwagoning forum frothing to reputable sites, the only war z news posted is about release information.

I suppose my surprise of valve's support is the same as here.
Posted 06:59am 20/12/12
Valve pulled it from Steam, well the page is still there but you can't buy it anymore.


I love how that Titov guy blames the consumer for 'misreading' the initial info on the steam page. Hopeless.
Posted 09:59am 20/12/12
Well there you go. Action by valve - removed from sale after 1 day? Im surprised it is top seller though but kiddies on holidays would probably easily fall for it given the screens / info and cheap price.
Nerf Lord
Posted 10:01am 20/12/12
I watched a tiny bit of the TB video, tbh I'm not seeing terrible textures etc as he is. Maybe it's because I've only played the old republic and FTL in the last few months, both of which make that look like crysis.
Posted 10:37am 20/12/12
Well there you go. Action by valve - removed from sale after 1 day? Im surprised it is top seller though but kiddies on holidays would probably easily fall for it given the screens / info and cheap price.

being $15 probably helped with sales too.
Posted 10:41am 20/12/12
"and cheap price."
Posted 10:43am 20/12/12
heh stopped reading at /
Posted 01:21pm 24/12/12
they're going to have to rename the game because they've just had their trademark suspended because it's too similar to world war z. lol

i actually thought it was a game based on world war z when it was first announced.
Posted 03:04pm 24/12/12
It isn't a bad thing for them to have to change their name since they had to pull it from shelves. It has a bad stigma, maybe they can hide that with a new name.
Posted 04:19pm 24/12/12
Until people find out the new name and the same thing happens again since just renaming the festering turd won't change anything about it.
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