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Post by Dan @ 10:31am 13/12/12 | 10 Comments
The hullabaloo over BioShock Infinite's recently announced cover art may be rather absurd, but Irrational Games wants to make everyone happy, so they're now going to print an alternative cover on the reserve side of the label.

Six new designs for the reversible cover can be voted on over at, and Ken Levine has also promised "a whole mess of MORE alternate covers" that they'll be making available for players to print themselves at a later date.

BioShock Infinite is due on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on Marc 26th 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:36am 13/12/12
I can't believe the design that is winning.
Posted 10:39am 13/12/12
Voting on the Internet. Always a good idea.
Posted 10:42am 13/12/12
shame you can't submit your own ;)
Steve Farrelly
Posted 10:49am 13/12/12
I dig the one that's winning -- design #4
Posted 10:59am 13/12/12
i figured design 4 or 6 would win. i went to vote for 6 but hit 5 by mistake :/
Reverend Evil
Posted 11:39am 13/12/12
I voted 6 although I won't bother playing it
Posted 11:39am 13/12/12
i figured design 4 or 6 would win. i went to vote for 6 but hit 5 by mistake :/

Posted 12:37pm 13/12/12
for an explanation!
skip to 14:48 Bioshock Infinite box art targeted at frat guys
Posted 01:09pm 13/12/12
Voted for 4, but I'd be happy with 6 as well.

Not that it matters, if I get this game, it'll be on Steam.
Posted 01:21pm 13/12/12
Ok so i had a look at number 4 again on my computer, on my phone it looked like the entire background was a solid red colour, which is why i thought it was terrible.
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