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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 08:10pm 12/12/12 | 10 Comments
We're technically over the halfway point now, as we present to you another three games to cross off our 15 classic games or franchises fit for modern or future revival.

So far the list goes: X-Wing, Shadow Man, Battletoads, Turok, Street Rod 2 and Loom. So what do we have in store for today? Well you really need to click through, but once again we're confident we're building the most eclectic list of games from various eras, platforms and genres this type of feature has ever had, and we think we're onto a relevant winner.

So what are you waiting for? Click through for today's three Resident Revival games.

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Latest Comments
Posted 08:16pm 12/12/12
blast corps f*****g ruled and was seriously under rated / played
Posted 08:19pm 12/12/12
I absolutely loved Another World, but I don't think it should be remade. Maybe they could make another game in the spirit of it, kind of like a homage to it or something, but I think the original should be left to stand as it is, it said everything it needs to say. I even pretend the sequels to it don't exist, cos they just brought it down.
Posted 08:32pm 12/12/12
Heart of the Alien is the only sequel, Flashback is more of a spiritual successor.
Posted 08:39pm 12/12/12
Another World was perfect as it was. Leave it alone. You even said that yourself in a way:

the game’s art-direction still gives me chills to this day

Why break that?

Posted 09:11pm 12/12/12
good article
Posted 09:23pm 12/12/12
Another World was literally that, it was just another world in games. It was fun, challenging and the environment quite hypnotic.
Posted 09:25pm 12/12/12
Street Rod (or SR 2) x a million!
Posted 09:49pm 12/12/12
Heart of the Alien is the only sequel, Flashback is more of a spiritual successor.

Yeah, I meant Heart of the Alien, I thought there was another one as well but I guess not.

I really enjoyed Flashback though
Posted 10:08pm 12/12/12
Oh yea gods...9 from 9......
Posted 10:12pm 12/12/12
Hey moron I know you think you are edgy as f*** with your 'heh 9 out of 9 fails woe is you' brilliance but you are actually looking pretty f*****g stupid right now. How about you actually try and muster the brain power to string a few sentences together and say why they are bad and perhaps even come up with a suggestion of your own?
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