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Post by Dan @ 10:31am 11/12/12 | 16 Comments
The engineers of the Wii Hombrew Channel, the launch application used for running unsigned software from the original Nintendo Wii's dashboard, have announced a new version of the HackMii crack that now also works on the Wii U (via Eurogamer):
For now, it only works on the Wii mode within the Wii U, not in full Wii U mode. In essence, the HBC runs on Wii U just as it does on Wii.

dhewg suggested the Wii hacker community may be able to find their way into the full Wii U mode, and thus get HBC running there, but it seems they are nowhere near that - yet.

“We can all try to hack the Wii U together from inside Wii mode,” he said.

Nintendo won't be happy with this latest development. It maintains that the installation of the Homebrew Channel voids warranty as it is considered unauthorised software.
That unsigned code is already running on the Wii U at all is quite significant.

Several prominent Wii U hackers have also already reportedly been hinting at more a complete Wii U security exploit, but any related cracks or software are yet to be publicly released.

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Posted 10:42am 11/12/12
Posted 11:46am 11/12/12
I'm pretty sure the first exploits for the Wii were done from the gamecube mode. Will be interesting to see if this ever prompts Nintendo to simply cut legacy support from future consoles.
Posted 11:48am 11/12/12
Now im interested.
Posted 12:08pm 11/12/12
I'm pretty sure the first exploits for the Wii were done from the gamecube mode.
Nope, Twilight Hack was the first, and it was a modified save game for the Wii version of Twilight Princess. It's actually harder to hack the Wii via the GameCube mode, since it basically locks out access to the extra Wii hardware. WiiU is exactly the same with regards to Wii backwards compatibility (i.e. it locks out WiiU functions when running in Wii mode), so there's no reason to cut backwards compatibility.

Also, this isn't the first Wii exploit known to work on WiiU, SmashStack still works.
Posted 12:38pm 11/12/12
When did homebrew become piracy?

Posted 01:01pm 11/12/12
3DS is still not cracked yet, it has been out for ages too. Nintendo are doing a pretty good job this time round of locking down their hardware. Playstation 3 still holds the crown for toughest nut I think.
Posted 05:11pm 11/12/12
Off to pick up a copy of SSBB :)
Posted 05:46pm 11/12/12
lol Toll, funny ;P
Posted 06:03pm 11/12/12
The SmashStack exploit was demonstrated to be working the day the Wii U launched in the US. This isn't a new hack, this is just a new version of the Homebrew channel for people to install on the Wii U (while running in Wii mode). It's also still a lot more limited than regular Wii hacks, since I don't think you can install custom IOSs. That means no region unlocking (boo!), but also no piracy (good!).

I doubt this will have any direct impact on hacking the Wii U though.
Posted 06:23pm 11/12/12
When did homebrew become piracy?

are you saying that it's primary use isn't for playing pirated games?
Posted 03:00am 12/12/12
Yeah, there is quite a bit of misinformation being posted on Ausgamers as news lately...
Posted 03:21am 12/12/12
so wait.. you buy a product.. and you tinker with in the confines of your own home.. and you now have committed a crime?
Posted 01:40pm 12/12/12
So homebrew apps and games are illegal to use? I wouldn't think so... void the warranty but I think thats about it right.
Posted 01:50pm 12/12/12
are you saying that it's primary use isn't for playing pirated games?

No. As Midda pointed out, no custom IOS.
Posted 02:03pm 12/12/12
oh right, spook will be sad then
Posted 02:37pm 12/12/12
Hahah yeah I think spook only loves the Wii because he pirates everything.

Which is strange because he is a grown man with a fulltime job. You'd think he can afford a few games? I guess he is the the type of pirate that the industry hates and thinks everyone is like him.
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