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Post by Eorl @ 10:26am 11/12/12 | 8 Comments
For those of you who have been eagerly blasting their way through hoards of Genestealers to turn them into bloody chunks in the recently reissued Space Hulks board game will be pleased to know that the fun doesn't stop on the tabletop. Announcing today with a very light teaser trailer (thanks yeahnuh), Games Workshop and developer Full Control have started work on a new Space Hulk computer game for PC, Mac and iOS.

Players will find themselves in control of a strike force of Blood Angels Terminators as they make their way through the close confines of the Space Hulk - Sin of Damnation. Space Hulk will keep the turn-based aspect of the board game, however with the added benefit of 3D animations.

According to the official website, the game will include a single player based on the "Sin of Damnation" hulk, multi-player head-to-head and also a co-op multi-player against the Genestealer AI. Space Hulk will also include cross-platform play, level editor and of course the Blood Angel terminator squad.

Check out the announcement trailer below, and swing by their official game page for all the information you can shoot a bolter at. Space Hulk will be available in 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:48am 11/12/12
Co-op multiplayer, thats an odd choice, thought the obvious multiplayer would be one person as genestealers and one as space marines.
Posted 11:08am 11/12/12
It includes both mutli-player head-to-head similar to the board game, and also a co-op against AI.
Posted 11:34am 11/12/12
Hell yes.
Posted 12:25pm 11/12/12
and iOS?

I wonder how dumbed down they will need to make it to support that. The original Spacehulk was entertaining from memory if only because it was really hard.
Posted 12:36pm 11/12/12
Why would it need to be dumbed down? The original could be played with just a mouse, and didn't even require you to aim. That's a perfect setup for a touch screen.
Posted 01:24pm 11/12/12
Not dumbed down compared to the original, dumbed down the same way just about all console ports are compared to stand alone PC/MAC games.

On the basis an iOS port would be very similar to a console port in terms of game play style/complexity.
Posted 01:28pm 11/12/12
Console ports aren't automatically 'dumbed down', any perception of less of complexity is usually just because they have to make the controls work on a gamepad or simpler interface than mouse and keyboard. But like Mantorok said, mechanically, Space Hulk is really simple, its not like controlling an RTS or something, its just issuing orders like move this guy x number of squares, set this guy on overwatch, open that door, etc. A lot of the actions like shooting and melee combat happen automatically even. The game is more about the tactics and strategies of how you employ and position your team, rather than micromanaging their actions.
Posted 01:45pm 11/12/12
Also equipping your marines with great gear, ie lightning claws and autocannons. O yeah.
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