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Post by Eorl @ 02:01pm 08/12/12 | 22 Comments
The news just keeps coming, with a world first premiere at this years VGA Awards Show of Dark Souls 2, the next title in Namco Bandai's very brutal RPG. No details have been given yet nor a release date, but checking out the cinematic trailer below should get anyone who has played the previous titles a tad bit excited.

Hopefully Namco Bandai will contain the deep difficulty that has made Demons Souls and Dark Souls such interesting games, but it definitely doesn't look shy of killing players. You can check out the official website that has just popped up, otherwise stay tuned for more as it comes to light.

dark souls 2namco bandai
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Latest Comments
Posted 02:07pm 08/12/12
F*** cinematic trailers.
Posted 02:24pm 08/12/12
PC gamers should get that petition started right now.

also video has been removed

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Posted 02:27pm 08/12/12
holy f*****g s*** yes

dark souls is pretty much all i play these days
Posted 05:52pm 08/12/12
darksouls 1 on pc was an absolute joke, i hope they try harder this time
Posted 08:33pm 08/12/12
the pc version was a complete after thought pushed on by fan petitions and they pretty much openly said they didn't really have any experience with PC or porting

just be happy it made it there at all considering it was never meant to be released on pc. i'd never buy it on pc regardless

interesting they have gone with dark souls 2 rather than a completely seperate game made in a similar vein like demons souls -> dark souls

but there is so much lore and plenty other places mentioned in dark souls that never got carried on or explained in detail in dark souls there would be plenty for them to work with for another game

last edited by paveway at 20:33:34 08/Dec/12
Posted 08:33pm 08/12/12
Posted 10:17am 09/12/12
Posted 01:23pm 09/12/12
my massive chubby for this has downsized after learning they have new creators involved and are going to make this new game 'more accesible' and 'more straight forward'

seems they got a taste of mainstream success with dark souls and want a bigger slice of that pie
Posted 02:54pm 09/12/12
Yeah, I recall one of the main guys saying something about thinking the difficulty was too hard and he wanted to make it easier for everyone...

Which basically will destroy the whole point of the game. Any easier and it might as well be halo, because it wasn't really THAT difficult to begin with. All it takes is learning the (very) basic mechanics and getting used to timing. Any gamer worth his salt shouldn't have trouble with that.
Posted 02:55pm 09/12/12
I bought Dark Souls for $20 ages ago and I am too scared to play it because of how hard people say it is :*(
Posted 03:11pm 09/12/12
it's a learning curve fpot but don't be a pussy, just get involved once you take down a couple of bosses at the start you'll get hooked

not going to lie i used the wikis a fair bit to get me through some c***ish bits

fpot my 2 best tips for you;

1) you are going to die so expect it, when you do die try and learn why you died so you can not make the same mistake

2) when you die don't get the s**** and try and rush back to where you died because chances are you will get sloppy and died again which will enrage you even more because you'll lose your souls/humanity permanently

praise the sun

yeah it's not that difficult - once you know what you're doing lol

i don't think he said anything about making the game easier i think he mentioned maybe an easy mode

if they make the next one easier it will be a let down, i don't mind if they make the story and lore a bit more accesible because it really is a bit of a hassle if you want to learn anything about the back story to dark souls you really have to go searching by talking to all the vendors/npc's some of which might not be of any value to your current character build so you really have no use for them. also a lot of the lore is inserted into the descriptions of items which is just a pain reading every item and it is all fairly cryptic at the best of times so you really need to think about it to put the peices together

this guy has a full play through on youtube he's a bit of a guru in the community and explains the lore as he plays through


but if they make the game itself easier a lot of people aren't going to be impressed but it's the same old story i am sure a lot more people will buy the game - maybe they will do an easier mode which would be ok

last edited by paveway at 15:11:50 09/Dec/12
Posted 04:10pm 09/12/12
I'm a bit scared that this will suck.

All the talk about making it "more accessible" smells of mediocrity.
Posted 05:35pm 09/12/12
Better f*****g not put difficulty settings on this to make it easier, really don't need to change much just make it bigger and upgrade the graphics
Posted 06:11pm 09/12/12
i don't really care if they put difficulty settings on it, you can opt out of that. and that only affects the eneemies damage etc

i just don't want the game design itself going soft
Posted 10:42pm 09/12/12
Making the story "more obvious" also sounds like a terrible idea. One of the great aspects of Dark Souls was the indirect way the plot was revealed.

It created an atmosphere of mystery and ruined majestic that worked in tandem with the artistic style to create a real sense of adventure and freedom in the game.

Replacing that with an on-rails, exposition driven linear story would be a disaster for the brand.
Posted 07:56am 10/12/12
unfortunately it probably won't be a disaster for the brand, it will probably sell more games

it will be a disaster for the fans of the series
Posted 11:55am 10/12/12
Someone did a single segment (no saving) speed run of dark souls and finished it in just over 32 mins. Pretty amazing stuff.
Posted 02:05pm 10/12/12
heh loved the run down into blighttown that was cool

and standing toe to toe parrying gwyn at the end is badass

though i am assuming that is some kind of bug where he jumps off the side where you place the lord vessel and it lets you into the kiln without having placed the lord souls ? sort of a let down there
Posted 03:39pm 10/12/12
Yeah, that speed run was a huge letdown.

The Gwynn fight and the Anor Londo twins one shot were badass, but how can you call it a completion when you skip a third or more of the game with a bug.
Posted 04:01pm 10/12/12
Pfft, it's not like it's listed as a 100% run.
Posted 04:48pm 10/12/12
but how can you call it a completion when you skip a third or more of the game with a bug.
Skipping sections of a game using bugs is the essence of a speedrun.
Posted 04:59pm 10/12/12
Yeah speed runs are just aiming to beat the game as fast as possible. Now a 100% speed run would be awesome for sure but would be a hell of a lot longer and harder and sure wouldn't be 1 endless run without saving.
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