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Post by Eorl @ 11:11am 05/12/12 | 16 Comments
Hammerpoint Interactive has revealed via a new press release that their currently in-development zombie survival MMO The War Z has now officially shed its alpha testing stage and is now in beta development. Players currently participating in the games development will also find several new items, characters and the final areas of the "Colorado" map opened up as of a recent patch.

Hammerpoint has also revealed that more than 500,000 players have been recruited to the buy-to-play shooter MMO, a number that any developer would be happy to have. The latest update has included several key features such as clan support (chat, markers and tags), a new chat system, new marketplace items and new on-screen cues for players to navigate around the map. You can check out the full list of changes in the most recent update via their Facebook.

the war zzombie survivalmmobeta

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Posted 12:07pm 05/12/12
DayZ still superior to this one..cmooon standalone!
Posted 01:09pm 05/12/12
this seems like a more than risky buy.
Posted 01:49pm 05/12/12
war z is full of hacks no one plays legit such a waste of money
Posted 04:21pm 05/12/12
Again - please stop writing about this game. The developer's shameless practice of stringing along their customers with pie-in-the-sky stories about what features will be introduced is a f*****g travesty. Its very quickly becoming pay to win, and the whole thing is an absolute detriment to the games industry.

Stop giving them publicity until they have a decent product, as of now its a hacker infested clusterf***. The devs routinely abuse their customers, ban anyone who tries to say anything negative about the game, and regularly break promises they make about everything from microtransactions to refunds.

The forums are packed with angry players. Read some of these threads and you quickly understand the calibre of the dev team. The second one is incredibly suspect, I don't believe Sergey for a minute when he says he didnt threaten legal action.

To Those Asking for Refunds
Regarding Devin our Ex Moderator
DEVS some of us want to know why cmags and attachments are now available for gold
Refund Build Up
Moving Slowly into Pay2Win

If any of your readers choose to spend their money on this after reading one of your articles, imo you have done them a disservice.(edit - not having a go at Eorl, I love reading your posts. My hate is directed entirely at the game!)
Posted 04:15pm 05/12/12
^^ Signed x100

Thank you eski for saving me 15mins. You wrote exactly what I was about to.
Posted 05:09pm 05/12/12
Can you give some more background on the details in the threads? I read them, but couldn't actually understand what the hell they were all talking about.

I have no interest in this game because I'm waiting for DayZ (as it'll be a superior product), this whole thing just piques my interest.
Posted 10:30pm 05/12/12
OK, but its essentially a bunch of nonsense caused mostly by the lead developer Sergey Titov, although there are complete idiots on every side. Hammerpoint(the developer) seems poorly managed at best, outright corrupt and untrustworthy at worst. They've done more than one 180 on several core philosophies behind the game, and they just seem suspicious as hell. It bothers me that companies like this can just coast on their PR and marketing, while indie devs like the Incredipede team are struggling away in a vacuum.

1) When the game first released as alpha, a bunch of people bought it and then got severely pissed off at what they got for their money. Sergey got upset and said something along the lines of "Fine, anyone that doesnt like my game can have a refund and then we'll ban them". Some people tried to take advantage of this generous offer, but found that the company refused to honour this pledge. There's been a steady stream of people buying this game then going "wtf is this s***" and trying to get them to go back to this policy, which is now invalid regardless of whether or not it was originally honoured. Sergey tried to claim that he never made this offer, but people had screenshotted it to prove him wrong. Mods have since deleted any threads with either of these claims in them, but the incident still rankles and the forums are packed with threads like this.

2) One of the mods apparently downloaded a "virus" that allowed hackers to log into his forum account and delete a bunch of threads. He was castigated for this by the devs, because they didnt back up their forums and subsequently lost a great deal of info. He mustve gotten into a fight with the devs, because his forum privileges were revoked and his game account banned. There was some more argy bargy behind the scenes and the mod ended up posting a rant about how the devs were corrupt and the game was a sham, which I happen to agree with. Sergey made a thread about this on the War Z forums saying that they had reached an "agreement" and that he totally didnt threaten the guy with legal action even though the Hammerpoint "legal team" was totally telling him to go for it. Part of this was a video made by the troublemaking mod where he basically said that everything in his big rant about the company was a lie, and he was very sorry. You can just imagine the guy barely offscreen pointing a gun at his face. I cant help but think while his rant was made in anger it held more than a few grains of truth.

3) The dev team repeatedly said that the game wouldnt sell ammo and attachments in the real money marketplace, and that anything you could buy would be purely cosmetic. They've since gone back on this and now you can buy everything except guns. Including ammo, a f*****g game where you can pay real money for ammo. I'm guessing that guns aren't far off. They even went so far as to say s*** like "A new player will be on the same level as an experienced one". Awesome stuff team.

4) See #1

5) See #3

Interesting Fact - Sergey was credited as lead programmer on Big Rigs Racing aka the worst game in the world. He later denied it.

TL/DR - The devs are a bunch of clueless idiots who just want your money.

Ugh, I feel dirty......
Posted 12:23am 06/12/12
I don't see anything this dev team is doing is any different to what a lot of development teams are doing nowadays. They offered access to this game as an alpha and alot of people seem to be confused as to what they received when they logged into the game and and then found an unfinished product...I mean I am shocked...what were they's an ALPHA.

There is no doubt that they are trying to cash in on the immense interest in the DayZ mod...and I have no doubt they lied about the development cycle of the game...honestly I do not's competition and that is not necessarily a bad thing. They are a business after all and they are out to make money at the end of the day like all the game developers/publishers.

As to where they are headed and the drama's on the forums how is this any different as to say what Bioware did with Dragon Age 2 or the furore that came from Mass Effect 3..or how Bethesda basicly accepts bribe money from Microsoft to hold back their DLC's for PC and PS3 users. (Poor PS3 users are totally screwed over in Skyrim as they can't get any DLC working with the console)

I bought the Survivor package when it was $14.99 and dont regret paying that for it...I have had some fun with it and I have been frustrated by it...I can say exactly the same of DayZ...the biggest problem I have with the game is the hacking...if they can't get rid of that then there won't be much hope for the game.

Maybe the devs of this game are dishonest maybe they aren't I don't see them being any different from a lot of gaming companies these days...if I was to judge a game by an angry group of forum posts there would not be too many game I would be Lots of these kind of posts on the Bethesda Skyrim forums, the Bioware forums, The Star Wars The Old Republic forums, the 2K Xcom Enemy Unkown name a few, all have hundreds of posts of don't by this's a buggy mess, the dev's don't care, it's this it's that.

Unfortunately all game companies LIE they just call it PR.
Posted 12:34am 06/12/12
Interesting post eski, thanks.

Thought the game looked gay, and am always wary of buying a game i havent at least seen decent vids of or tried a torrent version of.
Posted 12:03pm 06/12/12
Borg, the difference is that most dev companies employ strategies like project management and product testing. The War Z devs do none of this.

I've never seen a paid product released to the public in such a shoddy state and I've never heard of a paid alpha, so I refuse to accept that as an excuse. I've been in alpha testing before this and I've never seen such a featureless mess. Hell, the gameplay in the BF3 alpha was pretty much the same as the gold release. War Z is pretty much an empty shell at the moment, even at the supposedly feature complete beta state, and I doubt it will improve much beyond this.

What's telling to me is that the main feature the devs have been working on is the real money marketplace, while they've left critical areas like hacker management and gameplay balance alone. An alpha isnt for developing UI and systems around the game, it should be for refining your core gameplay and trying to make it fun. They're not trying to make a game, they're just trying to make a buck.

If you think this WarZ/Hammerpoint is anything like any of the games/developers you mentioned, then I feel sorry for you. These companies actually produce quality games that are fun to play, so far Hammerpoint and its ancestor Stellar Stone have produced some of the most offensively bad games in history.
Posted 02:41pm 06/12/12
Not that I don't agreed with you about WarZ, but didn't Minecraft start with a paid alpha?
Posted 03:15pm 06/12/12
Kinda, although these days the line between alpha/beta etc is pretty blurry.

The first few public releases of Minecraft were free, but once there was a reasonable amount of interest and a semi-decent product to market, they started charging. I think this was when they released survival mode, or around that time. (I'm not sure if you can still get classic mode for free, maybe) War Z couldve done something along these lines, but they chose to start charging money straight out of the gate,and they certainly havent delivered regular updates to gameplay like Notch. I seriously doubt they will end up with a product that even comes close to Minecraft, but here's hoping, cos they've already got my money...
Posted 04:03pm 06/12/12
I think eski isn't exaggerating much. Even the guy who made that video before his apology seemed to be hinting at stuff that was already obvious.

I love my e-drama (when bored) and from what I can gather WarZ is turning in to pay-2-win very fast. The fact the devs said it'd be just cosmetics on the real money market, now there is all kinds of crap. That was a total black flip on a stance that they said they were strong on, even in the FAQ it says that.

I'll be surprised if this game will even do well once DayZ standalone is out. The fact that the devs are lying through their teeth, even about minor s***, shows how much respect they have for their community. I think you have a pessimistic view of game devs if you think they all lie TheBorg. Companies like Valve, Blizz, many indie developers are pretty honest with their fans, and if they get bad press from s*** like this, they're all over it instantly.
Posted 05:59pm 06/12/12
Loving every minute of warz...haters gonna hate.
Posted 08:48pm 06/12/12
Companies like Valve, Blizz, many indie developers are pretty honest with their fans

Companies like Blizz

F*** that guy. Your right!
Posted 02:53pm 07/12/12
They've done more than one 180
So... like a.... 360?
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