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Post by Dan @ 10:38am 03/12/12 | 18 Comments
Irrational Games has revealed the box art for the hotly anticipated BioShock Infinite, featuring the game's skyward protagonist Booker DeWitt front and centre, with a little touch of Zeppelin for good measure.

Irrational has promised "plenty more exciting updates coming soon!" on the game, so we'll hopefully have some more peeks at the game itself before too long.

BioShock Infinite is due on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 on February 26 2013.

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Latest Comments
Posted 10:39am 03/12/12
That box art sure is Rugged and Handsome.
Posted 11:32am 03/12/12
there's been a bit of backlash about this box art across the internet. i have to agree with them on how bad it looks.
Posted 11:48am 03/12/12
Seems odd putting the main guy on the cover, since you never actually see him hes not really all that recogniseable. Would have thought they'd go with songbird or the girl or something.
Nerf Lord
Posted 12:38pm 03/12/12
I like it, and it's not unusual to have the main char on the cover for an fps. Me thinks that you guys just want cleavage girl painted everywhere possible. :P

Posted 12:52pm 03/12/12
and it's not unusual to have the main char on the cover for an fps

Not unusual sure, but not an image or a character I connect to the game in any way. A lot of the other examples you posted are recogniseable parts of the game, or recogniseable stylistically as part of the game. Even though we know Booker is the main character, he hasn't show up in any trailers, or any clips, or any promotional stuff and hes generic looking enough that hes not immediately recogniseable as a distinctive part of the game (such as is the case with the Crysis Nanosuit or the dude from Dishonored).

Not really a big deal, I don't buy games based on their cover art, I just found it odd that they wouldn't go with something more distinctive and something that is known to the fans and more recogniseable as being Bioshock. I mean, in the first game they didn't stick the main character on the cover, they stuck a Big Daddy on the cover, cos that was the instantly recogniseable hook of the game, would have expected something similar here.
Posted 01:43pm 03/12/12
Posted 02:35pm 03/12/12
They should have put Songbird on the cover, I mean if you had no idea what the game was and were just browsing shelves, I would imagine giant, badass looking robot would grab your attention more than generic action hero guy would. But then they'd probably just cop criticism for making it too much like the Bioshock cover art, so I guess you can't really win either way.
Posted 02:05pm 03/12/12
Not that it bothers me in the slightest either, but I agree that it doesn't seem like the best they could for marketing strength. You'd think even a bit more of the sky city of Colombia in the background would sell it better.
Posted 04:31pm 03/12/12
the bioshock dude looks like jamie lannister :p
Posted 05:34pm 03/12/12
Maybe Irrational have made old mate a bit more of a fleshed out character for this one? If that's the case then there's every chance he'll be one of the more memorable protagonists you all speak of.
Nerf Lord
Posted 05:44pm 03/12/12
Yeah, he's voiced in game, so I expect that he will become more of an active character than say the bioshock 1 guy.
Posted 07:10pm 03/12/12
there's been a bit of backlash about this box art across the internet.

That definitely sounds like the internet... complain about the box art yet buy it via steam.
Posted 11:54pm 03/12/12
Box art looks phenomenal to me.
Posted 12:22am 04/12/12
Meh, did not know who that dude was. At least other box art dudes are often iconic heroes or the generic 'mr bad ass' to attract attention. IMO stick to your iconic bioshock characters like big daddies or the little girls you rescue.
Posted 11:07am 04/12/12
people still buy games in boxes?
Reverend Evil
Posted 12:24pm 04/12/12
He could prolly double as Dr Who as well.
Posted 03:26pm 04/12/12
the bioshock dude looks like jamie lannister :p

More like Harrison Ford IMO.
Posted 07:37am 05/12/12
More like Harrison Ford IMO.

I was thinkin more Crispin Glover (Marty's Dad from the BTTF films) but I see what both of you were thinking.

And yeah, Elizabeth would have made a better cover than the current one.
(and yea, I'm one of those guys that think the trigger finger looks dumb too.)
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