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Post by Eorl @ 12:21pm 28/11/12 | 8 Comments
EA has revealed a new developer diary for their upcoming SimCity reboot, this time featuring the Creative Director of the project, Ocean Quigley. With such an awesome name and an awesome beard, Ocean takes you through an overview of what you can expect from the new SimCity, including a look at trying beat the simulation.
Lead Creative Director Ocean Quigley shows an exclusive look at SimCity! Ocean is a SimCity veteran with over 17 years experience working on SimCity titles including SimCity 4, SimCity 3000, SimCopter, even working on the art team for SimCity 2000! This new SimCity has the classic feel of past SimCity titles.

As Mayor, you get to create cities and build simulated worlds! With new design tools, find out what happens when Ocean builds a fully functional city shaped like a guitar! See how Ocean uses data layers to plop a Police station and fight crime, preventing those pesky criminal Sims from robbing his banks! Cities are truly connected, so when Ocean has access power, he can choose to sell it to neighboring cities. In the new SimCity you can create your dream city, play with the simulation or complete with your friends on the leaderboards!
Check it out below for a great look at what you can accomplish inside the simulated world, which also includes the chance to create a city shaped like a guitar.

SimCty will be available March 8th, 2013 for PC and Mac.

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Posted 12:36pm 28/11/12
I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this I want this.
Posted 12:47pm 28/11/12
dam teasers so so far away but i want it now!
Posted 01:14pm 28/11/12
Posted 01:17pm 28/11/12
Damn! I wish I hadnt watched it now.
Posted 04:02pm 28/11/12
ARGHHH I want this
Posted 04:18pm 28/11/12
'Going to Rob Somebody'


Also that guy as a sweet beard and stuff.

Double Also, want this very much it seems (the game, not the beard).
Posted 05:42pm 28/11/12
Awesome stache.
Posted 11:33pm 28/11/12
LOL just play with mates and create a slum city. Send waves of criminals their way.
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