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Post by Eorl @ 11:01am 28/11/12 | 19 Comments
Blizzard has revealed that the next chapter in their latest expansion for World of Warcraft has gone live, giving players more content to complete in their quest for glory. Those still enjoying the Mists of Pandaria expansion will find a new Horde vs Alliance storyline to complete that includes a new set of dailies, more Pandaren lore and of course bloodshed between the two factions.

The update also includes two new factions, Operation: Shieldwall for Alliance and Dominance Offensive for Horde, with both offering new rewards. Other additions include new scenarios, Pet Battle system upgrades, Brawler's Guild, legendary quest line continued and changes to raids.
  • The Pandaren Campaign begins!
  • The conflict between the Horde and the Alliance has ignited a new series of daily quests along the shore of the Krasarang Wilds.
  • Players can visit their faction strongholds in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to begin the quest to summon their war fleets to the continent of Pandaria.
  • Players will both valiantly defend their faction’s outpost and assault the opposing faction's headquarters.
  • Two new Reputations have been added: Alliance players can earn reputation with Operation: Shieldwall, while Horde players will curry favor with the Dominance Offensive.
  • Players can follow the story of the Pandaren Campaign through a series of special quests tied to their reputation with the landing forces. Heroes assisting with the war effort will join key characters and faction leaders as the growing conflagration spreads across Pandaria... as well as other locations around Azeroth.
  • For the full patch notes, check out the Battle.net post over here.

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    Latest Comments
    Posted 11:05am 28/11/12
    Wonder how much the Brawler's guild invites are going for atm
    Posted 11:20am 28/11/12
    cool, I have finally almost caught up to the top level (currently 87)

    last time I was max level was lvl 60 in Vanilla days rocking molten core and onyxia!
    Reverend Evil
    Posted 12:06pm 28/11/12
    Another cool thing is that you don't need to be in a group to enter the older raids and they've changed some of the raid bosses so they can be solo'd.
    Posted 02:44pm 28/11/12
    Did the start of the new quests and stuff at lunch, seems pretty cool, but then I really dig all that lore and story stuff :)
    Posted 09:03pm 28/11/12
    Reactivated to check it out this evening. Turns out the patch that dropped last night broke the f*****g quest to get you started in Pandaria, so I'm stuck on the damned airship shooting the s*** with people I haven't spoken to in years. So far, this is not an auspicious start :(
    Posted 11:16am 29/11/12
    Did one of the new scenarios last night as alliance, the one where you build the traps and lure the horde out of the temple to own them. Was pretty epic.

    Holy priest buffs seem to be pretty win too, ranked 5th on World of Logs for heroic stoneguard last night.
    Reverend Evil
    Posted 11:56am 29/11/12
    The only scenario I've done so far was Fall of Theramore and that was ass. I didn't bother with any more because I figured they'd be of similar quality. I should prolly give them a go even if it's only a one off thing.
    Posted 12:05pm 29/11/12
    You should try the others Rev, Fall of Theramore is probably the worst, theres some pretty fun ones.
    Posted 04:00pm 29/11/12
    And just cos its still a novelty to me and I hardly EVER get to boast or show off, heres the rankings with me in 5th :P

    Posted 04:03pm 29/11/12
    I am curious to know how many days played you have across all your characters khel.
    Posted 04:26pm 29/11/12
    Yeah I'm not sure actually, I meant to check that a couple of weeks ago when I saw it mentioned in a thread, I'll check next time I'm on cos I'm curious as well. If I had to take a wild guess I'd probably put it around 400, thought maybe I could find it on armory, but I'll have to check next time I log in.
    Posted 04:31pm 29/11/12
    Bought the $20 special.
    Got a scroll sent from a friend.
    Posted 05:34pm 29/11/12
    heh how was there even that much damage going out to heal, even on our worst wipefest nights on that fight, and 2 healing it, we do around 50-70k hps each
    you've got 3 healers at 87, 63 and 56k, that's insane damage - are they just standing in all the colbalt mines during the wrong petrify or something
    Posted 06:27pm 29/11/12
    We didn't even have cobalt, so yeah, dunno, it did feel like there was way more damage going out than we normally have to deal with on 25 though (proportionally speaking). We had two tanks who don't normally tank it though, and we normally do 25 instead of 10, so I guess it was a bit rough :)
    Posted 07:36pm 29/11/12
    I did a bit of a search a few days ago and ran into some guy claiming to have 960 days played. It wasnt backed up with any screen shots but if that true its pretty nuts.
    Posted 11:44pm 29/11/12
    Seems I overestimated, got 300 days played accross all my toons. Got my priest with 127 days, mage with 145 days, dk with 25 days, and then the odd day here and there on lowbie alts and bank alts and stuff.
    Posted 01:05am 30/11/12
    so softcore khel
    I used to look up to you, but 300 days? not anymore
    Posted 10:01am 30/11/12
    I'm pretty certain that I have more than 300 days played on just one of my toons :S
    Posted 10:48am 30/11/12
    Maybe I'm just really efficient and use my time well!

    I dunno, I'm suprised too that its so low tbh. My mage was attached to a different bnet account for a couple of years, then I swapped it back to mine, dunno if that screws up the time played at all.
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