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Post by Eorl @ 10:39am 22/11/12 | 51 Comments
As with the Steam Summer Sale 2012, AusGamers is intending to keep you up-to-date on just what cheap bargains are currently running along each day of the Steam Autumn Sale 2012, including all flash sales and any hidden gems that may escape the beating of your wallet. Today marks the start of the first day, and with it some great deals.

Today's Daily Deals:
  • XCOM: Enemy Unknown
  • Magic The Gathering: Duels of Planeswalker 2013
  • Telltale Games' The Walking Dead
  • Darksiders 2: Death Lives
  • Age of Empires 3 Complete Edition
  • Terraria
  • Currently up for grabs in the flash sales are Intrusion 2, The Amazing Spider-Man, Operation Flashpoint Complete, Payday: The Heist, Star Wras: Knights of the Old Republic 2 and Limbo. Steam also have a list of independent titles that are on sale which are: Sanctum, World of Goo, Waves, Audiosurf, Fortune Sumoners, Cave Story, Q.U.B.E, E.Y.E: Divine Cybermancy and Krater.

    Keep an eye out for more and if you spot any hidden titles leave us a comment below.

    steam autumn sale 2013

    Latest Comments
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 10:56am 22/11/12
    Posted 11:14am 22/11/12
    people need to grab the walking dead right now!
    Posted 12:02pm 22/11/12
    so it begins...
    Posted 12:17pm 22/11/12
    Got myself Intrusion 2 and KOTOR 2 for super cheap!
    Posted 12:40pm 22/11/12
    Just like to point out Hotline Miami and are under the $10 mark at the moment, though might be worth waiting until they go on the Indie Sales.
    Posted 12:57pm 22/11/12
    people need to grab the walking dead right now!

    listen to rav, he's not wrong
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 01:08pm 22/11/12
    KotOR 1 has the 75% discount too, though for some reason isn't advertised.

    Combined with SWTOR going free to play, it's like 2+8 campaigns lined up for cheap as chips. ;)
    Posted 01:51pm 22/11/12
    Hotline Miami

    Recommended. Frantic action somewhat similar to super meat boy in quick deaths/retrys but with weapons and no platforming.
    Posted 04:40pm 22/11/12
    picked up Darksiders 2 for $17, fkn good deal.
    Posted 05:03pm 22/11/12
    There are so many games in my list that I've never even installed... But 2 months of holidays and a stream sale is always a bad combination.
    Posted 05:12pm 22/11/12
    Terraria and the Witcher 2 are worth grabbing on the cheap atm. Arma 2 Combined Ops is 40% off as well, but if you're only interested in that for DayZ then hold off until the standalone alpha that should be out before the end of the year.
    Posted 06:07pm 22/11/12
    unplugging modem and locking pc in a time vault so I'm not tempted by any of these deals
    Posted 10:33pm 22/11/12
    Love to see Skyrim and Dawnguard hit 50% off :-(
    Posted 10:40pm 22/11/12
    Just bought age of empires 3 for no other reason than I loved AoE2 black forrest 4 hour battles at QGL at 4am in the morning....

    Went to check out Fallout 3 and discovered I own it and have never played it... guess that is what Steam sales do.
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 10:42pm 22/11/12
    I really didn't enjoy fallout 3, tried three times to get into it and eventually got 20 hours in wondering when it was going to get good. New Vegas was a lot better, but I was so burned out on it all after fallout 3 that I stopped NV a few hours in.
    Posted 10:46pm 22/11/12
    A new set of Flash titles are now available: Dear Esther, Two Worlds 2, Dungeon Defenders, Dead Island, Train Simulator 2013 and Rage.

    Remember that if the title you want isn't on a Daily Deal, Flash Sale or Indie Sale wait until the very last day as it may appear. Also Nerf I heartily recommend try New Vegas again, its a really great game and the DLC are actually really well done and not just half-baked content. Also Fallout 3 is rough to get into, but I'd recommend it as well, a great open-world RPG.
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 11:27pm 22/11/12
    Yeah I'm going to get back to NV, eventually. Tbh have all these part-finished games like dishonored and NV now, which I'm not playing, it's a mess I tells ya.

    edit: Aaand just bought the bard's tale for $2.49, sold on the humour and cleavage pretty much..
    Posted 06:23am 23/11/12
    That train simulator must be off the hook. Sheldin from BBT would swoon over it.
    The GuVna
    Posted 08:43am 23/11/12
    Woot, Max Payne 3 for 22 bucks. What's the multiplayer like?
    Posted 09:18am 23/11/12
    woah 75% off. i dont think it will get much better than that.
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 09:24am 23/11/12
    Except with Australian 200% markup, it's 50% off of regular price...
    Posted 09:55am 23/11/12
    Something needs to be done about that bulls***.
    Posted 10:18am 23/11/12
    So whats the USA price for max payne 3?
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 11:07am 23/11/12
    Max Payne seems cheaper from GMG, unsure if it works for Australians and unlocks on steam though - http://www.greenmangaming.com/
    Posted 11:13am 23/11/12
    What's the multiplayer like?

    I found it pretty s*** when I tried it (the multiplayer), but the game is worth it for the single player, especially at that price
    Posted 12:45pm 23/11/12
    Max Payne seems cheaper from GMG, unsure if it works for Australians and unlocks on steam though -

    it uses their own capsule client. so no steam activation i'm afraid.
    Posted 07:11pm 23/11/12
    anyone played ravaged? looks fun from the trailiers...
    Posted 07:13pm 23/11/12
    omg pinging all overseas contacts about Max Payne 3 I want that game badly.

    So whats the USA price for max payne 3?
    www.steamprices.com/au <- a very handy website
    Posted 09:13pm 23/11/12
    Forgot about that site fpot, thanks.

    The biggest rip off according to that site: COD: MW2 - $67.50 AUD vs $15 USD. OMFG.

    anyone played ravaged? looks fun from the trailiers...

    Steam says its "an intense online multiplayer first-person shooter." I highly doubt there will be any aussies playing it.
    Posted 09:18pm 23/11/12
    Grabbed Max Payne 3 for $15.50 thanks to a little help from ctd :D
    Posted 10:24pm 23/11/12
    No probs mate. It was £7.50 so I have enough money left over to buy a loaf of bread to feed my family now :)
    Posted 11:20pm 23/11/12
    anyone else having problems with steam download speeds? it seems to be going very slow and disconnecting me from the web after an hour or so
    Posted 11:42pm 23/11/12
    I always find i get s***** steam download speeds. Dota2 updates weekly and even when its a small DL, i might get speeds 0.5-200kps. I find pausing and restarting the DL speeds it up for a while. Its easy enough with 200mg updates or so but a pain with big ass DLs.
    Posted 11:52pm 23/11/12
    anyone else having problems with steam download speeds? it seems to be going very slow and disconnecting me from the web after an hour or so
    Usually happens during these Steam sales, things get pretty rough on their servers.
    anyone played ravaged? looks fun from the trailiers...
    We had a giveaway previously, its an interesting title with more play on vehicles it seems. Would have to check out a Lets Play or something.

    Edit: Here you are;

    Nerf Lord
    Posted 10:42am 24/11/12
    Blasted sale got me with the 50% skyrim expansion discounts.
    Posted 10:49am 24/11/12
    intkeys are going nuts for the sale as well. picked up sleeping dogs for $17
    Posted 06:14pm 24/11/12
    Damn, was starting to look like I might get out of this sale without buying anything, but I just grabbed Deadlight for $8. I can live with that though if thats the extent of the damage.
    Posted 06:15pm 24/11/12
    AoE3 + Fear3 so far...

    Very tempted to buy Skyrim and the expansion
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 06:57pm 24/11/12
    Buy the skyrim! It is great.
    Posted 07:08pm 24/11/12
    Get Skyrim immediately.
    Posted 10:15am 25/11/12
    Recommended purchases for today: Hotline Miami, Mark of the Ninja, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, L.A. Noire (if you haven't already from last sale), Costume Quest.

    I'd suggest Borderlands 2 if you haven't gotten that already, but not from Steam. Green Man have it at a dollar cheaper with their 25% voucher (GMG25-G4VDR-0ZL4Q) which is also a Steam key.
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 10:36am 25/11/12
    I got LA Noire for $3.50 or something, still haven't played it... I don't even know what type of game it is tbh, strangest purchase ever.
    Posted 11:18am 25/11/12
    You'll enjoy it nerfy, it has a great story. It has a big focus on detective work and questioning people and s*** to figure out the mystery.
    It can be slightly boring sometimes due to the high amount of story and scenes etc going on but all in all it's a great game.
    Posted 08:06am 26/11/12
    Torchlight 2 for 9.99
    Arkham City for 7.49

    Posted 04:38pm 26/11/12
    Definitely recommend Torchlight 2, get a four pack if you can its the best deal. So much chaos on my screen.
    Posted 04:39pm 26/11/12
    arkham city for $7.50 is a steal.
    Posted 05:03pm 26/11/12
    I grabbed that mark of the ninja yesterday, f*** what an awesome buy, excellent little time waster.
    Torchlight 2 is awesome, New game plus on HC Veteran is f*****g insane. dun even wanna think about Elite difficulty.
    Posted 08:33am 27/11/12
    Oh steam sales, you'll be my financial ruin!
    Nerf Lord
    Posted 09:23am 27/11/12
    I spent 99 cents today. :(
    The GuVna
    Posted 09:35am 27/11/12
    Everyone get Castle Crashers for $5, because it's awesome, & I need some help finishing the game on Insane difficulty :)
    Posted 10:04am 27/11/12
    Toki Tori - 50c. Bargain. Puzzle game.

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