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Post by Dan @ 09:07am 20/11/12 | 6 Comments
The hugely ambitious Star Citizen has cemented it's place as the most successful videogame crowdfunding pledge drive, wrapping up with US$6,238,563 raised from 89,668 backers.

The game's official site has temporarily been replaced with a placeholder message from Chris Roberts explaining that they'll soon be launching a walled site to continue providing development updates to backers, however, they're holding off until they can integrate those who pledged via Kickstarter.

The $6M stretch goal promised a new total of 100 star systems for the game (boasting more than Privateer), a full orchestral soundtrack for both Star Citizen, and the single-player campaign Squadron 42, and a 16-mission campaign from the single-player will now be made available for free to all backers.

Of course, this is all presuming that the game gets made, and things turn out as promised. The closing message from Roberts mentions a two year development target, putting the game's currently planned launch in the 2014 holiday season.

Finally, a new concept video shows off some early concept art of a Spaceport scene, re-created in real-time in CryEngine 3.
Very early test of moving from concept art of a spaceport to a 3D environment. Please note the fidelity of the environment and buildings is MUCH lower than what it will be in the actual game and a lot of the background city environment is missing.
Check out the video below, or click through to the HD video page.

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Latest Comments
Posted 09:10am 20/11/12
I backed this last night, the way they are modelling the ship systems and how integrated the components are sold me.

I also liked Privateer a lot.
Posted 10:48am 20/11/12
For those of us who didn't know about this, it looks like you can still get in on the action on the website.

sounds like something I would really enjoy playing so I will try to add some funds tonight. as for releasing in 2014, am I the only one that thinks that is a very tight timeline?
Posted 10:52am 20/11/12
didn't they something about being able to fly those fwuck off huge space cruisers if it reached this much?
Posted 10:59am 20/11/12
I think the internet has just made me really cynical, because all I can think is that since they were running their own website with no oversight, they just dodgied up the numbers to make it seem huge and be all record-breaking and get themselves more media coverage. I mean, wasn't it only just past 4 million a few days ago? Then it gets 2 million in a couple of days?
Nerf Lord
Posted 05:52pm 20/11/12
There's normally a surge at the end, and their kickstarter did do pretty well. The success probably generated hype.

Though the game doesn't really appeal to me and I didn't fund it.
Posted 05:54pm 20/11/12
Khel, I'd imagine it's likely because the media coverage from the 4 million + the fact that they've hit the goal and now people are willing to risk the money because it's def coming out is why it did so well recently.

Personally, I only heard about it the other day too, with the 4 mil news going around on it. I'm sure a lot of other gamers are like me and don't exactly troll around looking for things like that, they just go "oh, this sounds awesome, I'll check it out".

That's what marketing is for :P
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