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Post by Steve Farrelly @ 07:32pm 19/11/12 | 9 Comments
It's fairly alarming that you can count, pretty much on one hand, over the history of videogames, only a few amazing comic book-based titles.

If you think about comics and games, they seem like they belong to one another: super powers, super-villains, fantastical worlds, alien races, demonic dimensions, gadgets, droves of henchman, robots and... well, the list goes on and on, and yet outside of the Batman: Arkham series, there really hasn't been a videogame that marries the two pop-culture mediums together on a level they deserve. So I took it upon myself to explore why, and offer solutions to basic design pitfalls that have stopped this obvious recipe for awesome from being as bankable today as comics and the silver screen are.

Click here for this in-depth exploration of how developers and publishers should be getting it right.

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Posted 07:35pm 19/11/12
Up and Atom!

atom ant!
Posted 08:11pm 19/11/12
Atom Ant rocked!
So did Precious Pup
Steve Farrelly
Posted 08:25pm 19/11/12
So the obvious discussion that stems from this is, which characters/comics should get a videogame treatment as top-notch as Rocksteady and Warner Bros. Interactive treated the Batman: Arkham series?

I mention Dr Strange in the feature, but others I think would be good include:

Hellboy (done properly)
Cable (with an awesome time-travel component to it)
Daredevil (you could do awesome things with his senses and the purported 3D digital sound revolution on the horizon)
Green Arrow
Savage Dragon (him doing heaps of Chicago cop stuff would be cool)
Posted 08:27pm 19/11/12
no mention of the Walking Dead game?
Posted 08:58pm 19/11/12
Is there some article where rocksteady talk about doing silver age justice league or is it just something the devs said that tipped everybody off?
Posted 09:01pm 19/11/12
An LA Noire style Gotham Central game, that'd rock my face off. Would provide an interesting take that hasn't really been seen in games yet either, I mean we've all played as the superheroes, but Gotham Central was awesome cos it gave an insight into what it was like to just be a normal guy living in a crazy world of superheroes and supervillains.
Posted 09:32pm 19/11/12
GTA + Metropolis. But with Supergirl. No undies!
Posted 02:05pm 20/11/12
I thought Shattered Dimensions was decent, the story was written by the guy who's been doing the writing on The Amazing Spider-Man for the past 2 years.
Edge of Time was absolutely terrible, it felt like a quick cash grab while they were in between Shattered Dimensions and The Amazing Spider-Man which released
this year.

I'm keen to check out Marvel Heroes, which is being made by the co-creator of Blizzard North / Diablo, and has Bendis on as the lead writer.
Posted 08:12pm 20/11/12
Booster Gold clearly needs his own game.
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