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Telltale Games has today announced release details for the season finale of their Walking Dead series, with the last episode coming out later next week for all platforms. Titled No Time Left, the ominous final episode for the season will see the conclusion to a quite dramatic and at times very surreal take on the original comic book series by Robert Kirman.
Today we would like to announce that the highly-anticipated SEASON FINALE of The Walking Dead titled 'Episode Five -No Time Left,' will be launching digitally next week on consoles, PC/MAC, and iOS. This is the fifth and final episode in the critically-acclaimed game season from Telltale Games based on Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book series, The Walking Dead.

Once again, we thank you for travelling along with us all the way from Macon, and now to the end of the tracks into the deadly streets of Savannah, GA. You've come this far, and with humanity pushed to the edge of extinction, we ask you one question... Are you truly ready to put everything on the line...?
Players will find the title launching on November 21st for the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, PC and Mac and also on iOS.

If you haven't yet, you can check out our review on the latest episode, Around Every Corner, over here.

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Posted 12:44pm 15/11/12
woooooooo! Although I'll be sad when this is over. It's been fun!
Posted 12:47pm 15/11/12
Really hoping this comes up in Steam Christmas sales!
Posted 01:01pm 15/11/12
Awesome news. I'm really pleased with the direction they've taken this series even though each episode ups the ante for punching the player right in the guts!
Posted 02:04pm 15/11/12
Awesome! I was expecting early December at the earliest.
Posted 08:52pm 15/11/12

thanks for heads up
Posted 09:56pm 15/11/12
Really hoping this comes up in Steam Christmas sales!

dude you should have picked it up during the halloween sale for $15.
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